Ferdinand Rios

Ferdinand Rios is a physician with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

On camera appearances

Dr. Rios has appeared in several WWE television and pay-per-view events.

Dr. Rios has been quoted several times on concerning the status of injured wrestlers, such as Mark Henry , Bobby Lashley , Rey Mysterio , Ashley Massaro , Dave Taylor , Triple H , and others. He has also been featured on WWE Emergency Room a new Feature of that delves into the medical emergencies, and surgeries that WWE Superstars face.

These WWE press releases have been subject to dispute within the pro-wrestling community. Dave Scherer of Pro Wrestling Insider, in their coverage of Rey Mysterio's injury contends that these articles are "worked shoots" where WWE will offer an in-character justification of real life events. In the case of Mysterio, Scherer contends that "Rey has needed surgery for months now and has put it off to help the company while and after he was champion."

WWE Magazine

WWE Magazine has a column entitled "Ask Dr. WWE." The column is attributed to "Dr. Louis Rios."


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