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Fatherhood was an American animated television series revolving around the Bindlebeep family and various happenings, inspired by the book of the same name by Bill Cosby. This was Nick at Nite's first original animated series. Not only has it aired on Nickelodeon, it also began airing on the CW, MTV, and VH1, although it has not aired on Nick at Nite or Nickelodeon in some time. It was quietly canceled in 2005.


Dr. Arthur Bindlebeep is the head of the family and a high school teacher. He and his wife, Norma, try to be model parents while learning a few things from their three children: 16-year-old Angie, 12-year-old Roy and 6-year-old Katherine. At the same time, Arthur's own parents, Lester and Louise, still have some lessons for him.

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Episode Guide

Season 1: 2004-2005

Ep # Production Code Title Airdate Description
1 101 It's a Dad, Dad World June 20, 2004 Dr. Bindlebeep's parents, Lester and Louise receive a visit, from Arthur, Norma, and the kids. He exercises regularly to stay like this. They play touch football, and Lester is injured. Arthur was acting like the son, but roles have switched when his father begins taking over the role of son, from his injury.
2 102 Take My Daughter...Please June 22, 2004 Dr. Bindlebeep and Norma are awakened in the middle of the night by a bear in their garage. As animal control officers set about removing the bear, they realize their car is gone.
3 103 Privacy? June 29, 2004 Dr. Bindlebeep looks forward to a Saturday alone and some golden "privacy." However, all plans are disrupted when the Wrangler comes by to catch a pesky rodent.
4 104 The Lyin; King July 6, 2004 Dr. Bindlebeep prepares to give a speech about truth in the media that evening and uses his family at the breakfast table. Of course, Driven by his desire to see a PG-13 movie, Roy tells a series of lies that sink him deeper and deeper into deception.
5 105 Won't You Be My Neighbor? July 13, 2004 Dr. Bindlebeep gives great fatherly advice, about not judging others and giving them a chance. However, when a new neighbor moves next door he just can't seem to hear his own guidance. Dr. Bindlebeep spies on the prospective neighbors and offers general information about the neighborhood.
6 106 It's Your Birthday July 20, 2004 It's Dr. Bindlebeep's birthday and just to make sure he gets something nice, he slips each of the kids a little extra money for his gift. James, the most popular guy in high school strolls into the store and says he'll take Angie to a concert that night if she buys the tickets.
7 107 Alarming Situation September 21, 2004 Arthur Bindlebeep has a new alarm system for his home security, but it keeps on going off. The phone, alarm company, and an electrician can't find anything wrong with it.
8 108 Balancing the Books September 28, 2004 Norma's boss is selling the book store where she works, so she decides that she wants to buy the book store herself. She has 12 hours to raise enough money to buy the book store. Her entire family donates their money, to help pay for the book store.
9 109 Dog Day Afternoon October 5, 2004 When Norma has an all day meeting, she asks Dr. Bindlebeep to take over her responsibilities. These responsibilities include, feeding the kids breakfast and taking Guinness, the family dog, for a lunchtime walk. Unfortunately for Dr. Bindlebeep, Guinness takes off and disappears.
10 110 Am I Still Grounded? October 12, 2004 Angie isn't doing well in school, so Dr. Bindlebeep hires a tutor. When Angie doesn't go to the tutor, Angie is grounded. Later, Angie gives Dr. Bindlebeep a perfectly reasonable excuse for not being at the tutor. Arthur feels bad about not trusting Angie and removes the punishment.
11 111 Family Table November 23, 2004 Arthur's father reminds him about the family dinners, they would have, that never really turned out as a family dinner. The father decides that they should have a family dinner, again. Arthur and his father have a bet to see if he can bring the family together for a family dinner.
12 112 Love Me Due December 15, 2004 Valentine's Day is celebrated by the Bindlebeeps, including Arthur, who shops for a special gift to knock Norma off her feet.
13 113 It's a Roy's Life February 6, 2005 Roy has a crush on a girl at his school named Gina Antonelle. Arthur and Norma want to know more about Roy and his crush, so they ask Angie to find out more info about it. While he is getting closer to Gina he neglects his other friend. Eventually Roy discovers Gina has a boyfriend, which causes him to feel a little sad.

Season 2: 2005

Ep # Production Code Title Airdate Description
14 201 Behind Open Doors May 17, 2005 Arthur jumps to conclusions when he finds a boy in Angie's room.
15 202 Truth or Scare May 24, 2005 Roy and Arthur can't seem to admit things to each other such as Roy getting a 'D' on his report card and Arthur smashing his bike with the car.
16 203 The Second Family May 31, 2005 Angie and John Kurtz are paired up in a mock marriage for social studies class. Not only does he annoy Angie but Arthur and friends.
17 204 The New Kid in Town June 7, 2005 After a boy sets Angie up Arthur tries to make match makers only to make things worse by Angie thinking none of the guys are attracted to her!
18 205 A Star is Flunked June 14, 2005 Due to Arthur flunking a star foot ball player he may cause him to miss the big game against arch rival Jefferson!
19 206 The Other Brother June 21, 2005 Norma's lazy brother arrives for a short visit, but he steals Arthur's thunder at every turn.
20 207 One Flu Over the Bindlebeep Nest October 23, 2005 Everyone in the Bindlebeep family gets the flu.
21 208 Cabin Fever October 30, 2005 Norma gets a big inheritance from a relative, but discovers that the money was supposed to go to a charity.
22 209 Home Not So Alone November 6, 2005 Dr. Bindlebeep leaves with Norma and lets Angie watch Roy and Katherine.
23 210 The Natural November 6, 2005 Katherine performs in a school play and is discovered by a talent agent.
24 211 Pump Down the Volume November 13, 2005 Roy is practicing a rap song while he is supposed to be at track practice and Dr. Bindlebeeps finds out. Roy reveals that he is making this song for a contest, the winner of which wins concert tickets.
25 212 Loop Dreams November 20, 2005 Dr. Bindlebeep's track team comes back in town to organize a rematch with the team they lost to when they were in high school.
26 213 Birds, Bees, and Bindlebeep November 27, 2005 Dr. Bindlebeep wants to invite a speaker to talk to his students about sex but is refused. Norma suddenly gets a big appetite.

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