Faiz Qaderi

Faiz Qaderi (Persian:فيض قادري) is an ethnic Tajik singer. He is brother to singer Habib Qaderi.

He resides in Los Angeles, United States.

Born to an upper-middle class family in a suburb of Kabul, Faiz is the son of Sultan Aziz Qaderi. His father held a position in the government as an official of the pre-communist era. After the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, Faiz’s family fled the country for India in 1983.

He has made six album which are available in the stores and on the internet such as:


  • Cheraghan
  • Germany Concert
  • Barq-e-Sabz
  • Yaad Bood Ahmad Zahir
  • Henna
  • Majlisi

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