Eucalyptus caliginosa

Eucalyptus caliginosa, Broad-leaved Stringybark, New England Stringybark, is a medium sized tree with grey to red-brown, fibrous, stringy, fissured longitudinally, bark with red-brown underlayers to small branches. The common stringybark on ridges in pastoral New England is a valuable honey and pollen tree to 30 x 15 metres, which flowers during late autumn into winter on Northern Tablelands of NSW. The stem is erect and branching, with a dense crown. This tree is drought and frost resistant and adaptable to most well-drained soils. It is prone to lightning strikes.

Distribution is common on ridges and hilltops of Queensland, the Northern Tablelands, New South Wales and North-West Slopes of NSW.

It is propagated using seed. It requires light shading when young.


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