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Ergani, formerly Arghni or Arghana, is a district of Diyarbakır Province of Turkey.


Near the village of Sesverenpınar, among the Hilar rocks Çayönü hill was first settled 9500 years ago in 7500 BC, ad was continuously inhabited until 5,000BC, and occasionally since. Remains have been found from the earlier habitation, one of the most important archaeological finds of its era. We can see evidence of an early city from the Neolithic period, when nomadic hunter-gatherers began to settle in one place. Excavation of Çayönü, one of the largest and best-preserved sites of its kind was begun in 1963 by Istanbul University and the University of Chicago and continues today.


Trade has flourished between Ergani and Mesopotamia in the 3 rd millennium BC. Ergani mines used to ship copper to the early settlements at Uruk of southern Iraq. The Euphrates river connected Ergani and Uruk. Vessels of the day could easily float several tons of copper downstream to Uruk in a few weeks, the transport of hundred of tons of grain back to Anatolia was challenging. Later Mesopotamian civilizations took advantage of more favorably placed Persian Gulf mineral resources.

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