Enoshima Electric Railway

The connects Kamakura Station in Kamakura, with Fujisawa Station in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Stations en route include Hase Station, the stop closest to Kōtoku-in, the temple with the colossal outdoor statue of Amida Buddha. It is fully owned by the Odakyu Group of companies.

Train line

The train line measures in length with a gauge of . It connects fifteen stations with a single track; five of those stations can accommodate two trains to allow bidirectional traffic. The trains operate on 600 V DC electric supply from overhead lines. The segment from Kamakura Station to Koshigoe Station is in the city of Kamakura; from Enoshima Station to Fujisawa Station, the line is in the city of Fujisawa.



Enoden also operates bus service in the area.

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