Emond's Field

Emond's Field is a fictional village in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

Emond's Field is located in the western part of the country of Andor although its inhabitants are unaware of belonging to any Kingdom or country, prior to the start of the books. In actuality, the area was where Aemon, last king of Manetheren made his last stand (i.e., at 'Aemon's Field'), when it was destroyed during the Trolloc Wars. It is now primarily a farming village, raising sheep and growing tabac.


The land slopes gently down to the East. Quarry Road goes down until it meets at the Green. The Green is a wide expanse of usually thick green grass. It is in the middle of the village.

The Winespring, presumably the legendary spring that arose from the site where Aemon fell, opens up in the west end of the Green. It flows fast down towards the East and opens up into the Winespring Water, so-called for its sweet taste. Two low footbridges cross the stream with one wide bridge, The Wagon Bridge. The North Road and The Old Road meet at the Wagon Bridge.

Pastures quilt the land with farms and hedge- bordered fields. The housing includes thatched roofing and shutters with little yards.


Many main characters do important things in Emond's Field: Nynaeve al'Meara - At the beginning of the books, Nynaeve Al'meara is the Wisdom of Emond's Field (see the Government section). She has yet to return since Winternight.

Egwene al'Vere - At the beginning of the books, Egwene is training to be the next Wisdom and is looking forward to marrying Rand. She also has not returned since Winternight.

Perrin Aybara - At the beginning of the books, Perrin is Haral Luhhan's blacksmith apprentice. He comes back to Emond's Field when he hears it may be in danger, finding it under constant attack from Trollocs and his family members murdered and leads an army against the Shadowspawn attacking it, ultimately saving it and becoming the de facto Lord of the area.

Mat Cauthon - At the beginning of the books, Mat is a fairly average village boy who likes to go hunting and play tricks on people. He has yet to return to Emond's Field.

Rand Al'Thor - At the beginning of the books, Rand lives on a farm with his father, and is set to marry Egwene. He returns briefly when he creates a Gateway for some Ogier, but is not seen.


The village of Emond's Field, like most near the Mountains of Mist in Andor, have a gender-based bicameral government. There is a Women's Circle, which is headed by the Wisdom, and a Mayor who heads the Village Council, made up of men. Each group claims "exclusive" jurisdiction over certain areas of village life, and they often feud and argue about decisions. It appears to be almost a tradition for some argument to manifest itself in any situation that arises, lest one group gain primacy over the other.


On Winternight of the year 998 NE, a hundred or more Trollocs attacked Emond's Field. Ultimately, 10–15 people were killed, and many houses were destroyed, but thanks to the help of an Aes Sedai and her Warder, more damage was avoided. After these events, the Aes Sedai informed three young men (Rand, Mat, Perrin) that they were to leave the Two Rivers with her because they were in danger, and the Trollocs attacked because of their presence. At first they all argue, but eventually leave with her, along with Egwene and a gleeman. Later, Nynaeve catches up to them to try to take them back, but ends up going with them.

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