Emily Sloane

Emily Sloane is a fictional character from the American television series Alias. She was portrayed by Amy Irving.


Emily Sloane was married to SD-6 head Arvin Sloane for more than 30 years. Little is known of her life outside of her marriage to Arvin. She had worked for the State Department for several years but whether this was before or during her marriage is unknown. She was an avid gardener. She and Arvin had one child, Jacquelyn, who died in infancy. Her grief was so great that she asked Arvin never to mention their child again.

When Irina Derevko, Sydney Bristow's mother, faked her death when Sydney was six, Sydney's father Jack was taken into federal custody. He named Arvin and Emily as Sydney's temporary guardians. Why Sydney would later state in multiple episodes that she did not meet Arvin or Emily until after she had started working for SD-6 is unknown. Sydney stated that she looked upon Emily as her real mother.

Season 1

During season 1, Emily is near death from lymphoma. Sydney visits her in an SD-6 hospital, where Emily reveals that she knows that Arvin doesn't really work for a bank and that she knows of the existence of SD-6 (although she apparently believes that it's affiliated with the CIA). Under security protocols, Sydney is required to report her to SD-6 Security Section but does not. SD-6 finds her out anyway and Arvin is ordered to execute her. He pleads for a reprieve on the grounds that her cancer will soon kill her anyway and his request is granted. Amazingly, Emily's cancer goes into total remission and Arvin is again ordered to kill her. Instead, over the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2, he hatches an elaborate scheme to fake her death and spirits her away to an isolated island. There, he confesses to her the true nature of SD-6. Initially horrified, Emily's love for Arvin leads her to forgive him and they remain together.

Season 2

With the downfall of SD-6 and the Alliance, Sloane (now an internationally wanted terrorist) tells Emily that they're "free" and leads her to believe that he has finally left behind his deceptions. Emily and Arvin relocate to a villa in Tuscany, but because of the possibility they have been compromised Sloane relocates them again. Emily learns that Irina, whom she knew only as Laura Bristow and thought was dead, is still alive, a criminal and working with her husband. Arvin tells Emily that everything he's done is to assure that she remains cancer-free forever.

Distraught, Emily goes to the American consulate in Florence, announces she is Sloane's wife and demands to speak to Sydney. Sydney makes contact with Emily, who tells her that she won't be the excuse for Arvin's crimes. She volunteers to help bring Arvin in but demands a guarantee that Arvin will not be sentenced to death.

The CIA makes the deal. Emily returns to Tuscany wearing a wire. Unbeknownst to her, Arvin is making a deal to sell all of his assets, contacts and Rambaldi artifacts to Irina. At the last moment, after a heart-rending talk with Arvin, Emily switches sides again. She reveals the wire and disconnects it, once more moving to escape with Arvin. Unfortunately, during the CIA's raid on the villa, Emily is accidentally shot and killed by Marcus Dixon.

Season 4

Emily's final appearance in the series is in a flashback in the season 4 episode In Dreams... which is when the existence of Jacquelyn is revealed.

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