Edwin Stephen Goodrich

Edwin Stephen Goodrich (b. Weston-super-Mare, 21 June 1868; d. Oxford, 6 January 1946), was an English zoologist, specialising in comparative anatomy, embryology, paleontology, and evolution. He held the Linacre Chair of Zoology in the University of Oxford from 1921 to 1946. He served as editor of the Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science from 1920 until his death.

Selected works

  • Goodrich, Edwin S. Living organisms: an account of their origin and evolution. Oxford University Press, 1924.
  • Goodrich E.S. Studies on the structure and development of Vertebrates. MacMillan and Co.: London, 1930. xxx+837p, 754 figures. One of the great works of vertebrate comparative anatomy.


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