Edison High School, Huntington Beach

Edison High School is a secondary school located in Huntington Beach, California which first began operation in 1969. It is a part of the Huntington Beach Union High School District, which includes several other area high schools. Edison is a California Distinguished High School as well as a Digital High School. It was built on land donated by Southern California Edison, whence its name is derived. Known for its athletic prowess, Edison High School has approximately 2200 students in grades nine through twelve. Most students after graduation attend Orange Coast College,or Golden West College also in Huntington Beach CA. however annually nearly 100 students from each graduating class attend the University of California colleges and the California State University colleges.


The Edison Boys Golf team won the 2007 CIF California State Championships in Pebble Beach, CA. This marked the first time any Edison athletic team won a state championship. The team consisted of Austen Dailey, Matt Parkovich, Tyler Paul, Kevin Su, Thomas Moore, Joel Gillin, and Joe Doody. Austen Dailey also captured the 2007 State Individual Title.


Edison has many noncurricular as well as curricular clubs. Non-curricular clubs are known as Equal Access Groups while academia related clubs are known as curricular clubs. Some non-curricular clubs include the Electronics Entertainment Club, Africa Awareness Club, Amnesty International, Procrastinator's Club and Wildman club. There are fewer curricular clubs than non-curricular simply because curricular clubs must follow the academic curriculum. Such clubs include American Sign Language, CSF, Computer Club, National Honors Society, etc.

The Bolt

Beginning in November 2006, MiMi Su introduced the official campus newspaper, The Bolt. The Bolt represents the first revival of a newspaper on campus since the mid 1970s. Though no longer in use, the newspaper during its inaugural year was accompanied by The Bolt Online, a website that managed a few thousand visits a month.

Band and Drumline

Edison's Winter Drumline received second place in the Southern California Percussion Alliance in 2006, especially impressive considering that it was only their second competitive season.

Edison Pageantry Corps (the marching band) placed 12th in the state in 2007 by the rankings of the Western Band Association, their first year in state level competition.

Edison's Drumline came in 12th in the SCPA Finals in 2008.

School principals

Principal From To
Ernie Pascoe 1969 1973
Chuck Wiese 1973 1975
Philip Gross 1975 1982
Jack Kennedy 1982 1988
Brian Garland 1988 2002
Cynthia Clark 2002 2005
D'liese Melendrez 2006

Rivalry with Fountain Valley High School

Edison's rivalry with Fountain Valley is one of the oldest and fiercest rivalries in Orange County, and reaches a peak during Bell Week, when the two teams face each other in football. The rivalry was born in 1969, the first year of Edison's existence. Many Edison students had been at Fountain Valley before the new school opened, and thus knew many Fountain Valley students. The Charger football team upset Fountain Valley that year, preventing the heavily-favored Barons from reaching the playoffs. The two have hated each other ever since.

Edison High School and its chief rival, Fountain Valley High School, were actually constructed with the same blueprints. Prior to the demolition of the 300 building at FVHS, an Edison student on Fountain Valley's campus would find that the only differences between the two schools' building layouts were the trim: Edison has a Green and Gold trim while Fountain Valley has a blue and gold trim .

Because neither school has an on-campus stadium, the annual rivalry game is traditionally played at Orange Coast College. The 7,600-seat stadium at OCC is almost always sold out for the Bell game. Sometimes the game is played at Anaheim Stadium instead. The two teams met in the final game of the Big Five playoffs in 1980, drawing 28,969 fans to Anaheim Stadium. The crowd remains the largest to ever see a game between two Orange County public schools.

During Bell Week, students from both schools routinely play pranks on each other, often involving vandalism of the rival's swimming pool. In the past, items thrown into the pool have included dead seals, a goat's head, Volkswagen Beetles, and mattresses. Another incident worthy of note is when one or more FV students rented a helicopter and dumped hundreds of blue and gold ping-pong balls onto the Edison campus during school hours.

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