Eastern Trans-Fly languages

The Eastern Trans-Fly languages are a small independent family of Papuan languages in the classification of Malcolm Ross, that inherits much of the Trans Fly-Bulaka River branch of Stephen Würm's Trans-New Guinea proposal. Wurm himself concluded that some of the Trans Fly-Bulaka River languages were not Trans-New Guinea at all but rather heavily influenced by Trans-New Guinea languages. Ross removed the Eastern Trans-Fly and South-Central Papuan languages from Wurm's family.

Eastern Trans-Fly includes Meriam, located within the national borders of Australia. It also includes Bine, Wipii (Gidra) and Gizra.


The pronouns Ross reconstructs for proto-Eastern Trans-Fly are,

I *ka exclusive we *ki
inclusive we *mi
thou *ma you *we
he *tabV; e they *tepi

There's a possibility of a connection here to Trans-New Guinea. If the inclusive pronoun is historically a second-person form, then there would appear to be i-ablaut for the plural: *ka~ki, **ma~mi, **tapa~tapi. This is similar to the ablaut reconstructed for TNG (*na~ni, *ga~gi). Although the pronouns themselves are dissimilar, ablaut is not likely to be borrowed.

On the other hand, there is some formal resemblance to Austronesian pronouns (*(a)ku I, *(ka)mu you, *kita we inc., *(ka)mi we exc., *ia he.

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