East-Link (Dublin)

The East-Link is a toll bridge in Dublin, Ireland, on the River Liffey, owned by Dublin City Council and operated by NTR plc. The lifting bridge, which links North Wall to Ringsend, is the last bridge on the Liffey, which opens out into Dublin Port and then Dublin Bay just beyond.

East-Link was built by NTR, and opened to vehicular traffic in 1984; it reverted to the City Council later but the Council continued to allow NTR to operate it.

The city centre is west of the bridge, which links routes on the eastern side of Dublin city. The Dublin Port Tunnel terminates north of the East-Link along East Wall Road, in the Docklands on the north bank of the Liffey. Most of Dublin's docklands are east of the bridge, but it is raised on average three times per day to allow river traffic to pass.

Currently 22,000 vehicles per day cross the East-Link bridge. As of 2007, trucks and cars pay, either in cash or using electronic tokens, and cycles and motorbikes cross for free. The tolling area and administrative offices are on the south (Ringsend) side of the bridge.

The bridge, in a raised state, features as the entry point to Dublin in the video for the song "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" by U2.

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