Eaglescliffe is a small town within the borough of Stockton-on-Tees and ceremonial county of County Durham, England. It is situated just north of the River Tees. The main road through the town is the A135 Yarm Road which was part of the old route of the A19 until the 1970s.


Eaglescliffe adjoins a small village called Egglescliffe, and legend says that the name Eaglescliffe came about when a mistake was made on the railway station's sign. There are many estates in Eaglescliffe including Millfield, Kingsmead, Sunningdale, Hunters Green and Orchard Estate.

The Stockton and Darlington Railway passed through the grounds of Preston Hall in Eaglescliffe, and on the opening day there was a famous race between a stagecoach traveling down Yarm Road, and the Locomotion No. 1.


  • Grid reference: NZ421139*
  • Latitude and longitude: (54.51, −1.35)


Eaglescliffe's Yarm Road area has been compared to Bournemouth in the national newspapers due to the prevalence of large houses with gardens which are prime for development. This has resulted in EPAG (Eaglescliffe Preservation Action Group) which campaigns against development along the Yarm Road area. Their aim being to stop Yarm Road becoming full of large houses with the gardens full of flats.

Recent developments along Yarm Road include the Goose Garth complex (Where an Edwardian house was knocked down), a development of houses in the garden of a large Victorian house opposite the golf course and the development of a large house previously used as accountants offices adjacent to Station Road.

Planning applications are readily applied for along the road and are always contested by EPAG.


Many events are held in Eaglescliffe every year, mostly in Preston Park which is situated to the north of the town. Many of these events are run by Stockton Council.

Sport & Leisure

Within Eaglescliffe, sited on Yarm Road, is Eaglescliffe Golf Club - a course which occupies the land on the eastern side of Eaglescliffe bordered to the south by the Sunningdale Estate, to the north by Preston Park, and to the east by the River Tees. Many street names in the Sunningdale Estate, as well as the name of the local 'Links Primary School', reflect the location of this golf club.


Eaglescliffe has one secondary school called Egglescliffe School. This is in the east of the town. There are also four primary schools: Junction Farm, Durham Lane, The Links, and Preston. Egglescliffe village has a primary school called Egglescliffe Church of England Primary School As well as these there is also Teesside High School, an independent preparatory and high school, originally an all girls school, it is now introducing boys within the framework of a diamond model of education.

Egglescliffe School

Egglescliffe School is a large mixed-sex comprehensive school and sixth form. Beginning as a small rural secondary school of 200 pupils in 1962, Egglescliffe became a comprehensive school in the 1970s, gradually growing to its current size of over 1400 pupils (277 of which are sixth formers). There have been four headteachers who have run the school since it opened: Frank Davison, Alan Basset, David Oliver and the current headteacher Angela Darnell.

Egglescliffe School has held Specialist Arts status since 1999 and was nationally well known for music and orchestral work under the direction of Keith Hewson (Head of Music). The school was featured in an episode of the South Bank Show (19/12/2004, ITV) subtitled a Musical Nation which explored Britain's musical provision for young people.

Famous Residents

A number of notable sportspersons have also been born or raised in Eaglescliffe. Matthew Bates, a defender for Middlesbrough FC was raised and schooled in the area. Additionally, this is the place of birth of cricketer Cec Parkin, who played one game of cricket for Yorkshire, before it was discovered that he was born outside the county boundary in Eaglescliffe. The town was then part of County Durham. It is also the place of birth of speedway rider Gary Havelock..

Frank Middlemass - RSC actor; played the doctor in the TV series Heartbeat, and Dr Dale in Mrs Dale's Diary on radio for the final four years.

Sir Samuel Alexander Sadler (1842-1911), an improtant industrialist, Mayor and M.P. for Middlesbrough resided in Eaglescliffe.


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