eMachines was a maker of low-cost PCs based in Irvine, California. It employed about 135 employees and sold between 1 to 2 million computers per year before its purchase on January 30, 2004, by rival Gateway Computers. Gateway was purchased by Acer in October 2007, and eMachines is still used as a brand for low-cost PCs.


Brands, such as the eMachines m6811 (released in 2004), have been reported to have faulty hinges and power adapters. eMachines has admitted to these factory faults and has been good in replacing the parts. Despite that fact, the replaced parts tend to break as before, thus making many users think the hinges were only replaced with the faulty previous parts which eMachines decided not to recall. Power adapters have been known to break off in the laptop's power port and sometimes become a fire hazard. Like their tactic with the defective hinges, eMachines has attempted to replace the power adapters but users report that the replacements have continued to break. Eventually, eMachines began to change the way the power adapters' connections by having the plug detach from the main power cord.


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