The EMD G16 is a diesel locomotive built by General Motors and used on the Yugoslav Railways (and subsequently on the successor Croatian Railways, Slovenian Railways, Serbian Railways, Macedonian Railways, Railways of Republika Srpska and Railways of Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation), Hong Kong, Brazil (The Vitória a Minas Railroad) and Israel Railways.


The Victorian Railways purchased six G16C locomotives locally built by Clyde Engineering, known as the X class. They are now operated by Pacific National.


In Brazil, there are 41 locomotives imported. The first eleven locomotives introduced in 1962 and numbered 601-612, and the last thirty locomotives were imported between 1964 and 1966. Thirty-seven locomotives still operating trains of The Vitória a Minas Railroad (EFVM).

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are only 4 locomotives imported. The first three locomotives introduced in 1961 (built by GM in Illinois, USA) and numbered 56-58,and last one (59) introduced in 1966 (built by Clyde Engineering, Australia). All locos were equipped with 16-567C engines and Co-Co wheel arrangements. Note that the 59 has been changed to 16-645E engine since by a crash.

In the future, the locomotives will be retired in the 2010's.

Yugoslav Railways

The EMD G16 (JŽ series 661) was one of the most used diesel locomotives in Yugoslavia. The type was (and still is) colloquially nicknamed "Kenedi" after the US president John F. Kennedy. After the breakup in 1991, the locomotives were passed on to successor states:


In Croatia, the locomotive has the designation HŽ series 2061. As of 2007, the series has been withdrawn from service. Modified series 2061 is the series 2043.

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia

In Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia have all kept the JŽ-era designation series 661.


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