Dynamite (Jamiroquai album)

Dynamite is Jamiroquai's sixth studio album. It was released on 15 July, 2005, in Japan and 21 July in Australia and 20 June the United Kingdom.

Produced by Mike Spencer and Jay Kay it is perhaps their most diverse work to date, featuring electronic, funk, disco, house, and acoustic tracks.

Album information

The album bowed at No.3 in the United Kingdom, becoming the first Jamiroquai album to chart outside the top two spots. However, with other solid new albums from Coldplay, Foo Fighters and others in the top five, it was still a strong success for Jamiroquai. "Feels Just Like It Should" was the first single release, reaching No.8 in its first week on the UK charts. It has since become a No.1 hit on the Billboard dance charts in the United States.

Dynamite was released on 20 September in the US in DualDisc formats. The CD side of the DualDisc contains the 12 album tracks. The DVD side includes the entire album in enhanced stereo, the "Feels Just Like It Should" music video directed by Joseph Kahn, the "Seven Days in Sunny June" music video, as well as the "making-of" documentary for the music video "Feels Just Like It Should". The US release also features new album art.

A video was shot for the second single, "Seven Days in Sunny June", which was released in the UK in August 2005. The track bowed at No.14 in its first week on the UK charts.

On November 7, "(Don't) Give Hate A Chance" was released as the third single from the album. The politically-driven video for the track, which can be seen in its entirety at the band's website, is Jamiroquai's first animated clip; it features a Buffalo Man, complete with buffalo-horned hat, sunglasses, and tracksuit. The clip helped the track score Top 20 showings in UK charts such as the Smash Hits and hit40uk charts (both of which take in radio and video airplay, not just sales). However, the track bowed meekly at No.27 on the official UK singles chart.

The album was recorded in many locations, including Jay's personal Chillington Studios, and Los Angeles.


Uncut (p.102) - 3 stars out of 5 - "Jay Kay returns with another blast of super-slick soul..."

Vibe (p.150) - "[T]he space cowboys return with a vengeance, sounding funky as ever."

Track listing

  1. "Feels Just Like It Should" – 3:42
  2. "Dynamite" – 4:57
  3. "Seven Days In Sunny June" – 3:59
  4. "Electric Mistress" – 3:56
  5. "Starchild" – 5:13
  6. "Love Blind" – 3:35
  7. "Talulah" – 6:04
  8. "(Don't) Give Hate a Chance" – 5:02
  9. "World That He Wants" – 3:14
  10. "Black Devil Car" – 4:45
  11. "Hot Tequila Brown" – 4:40
  12. "Time Won't Wait" [Japan/UK/US bonus track] – 5:01

Liner notes

  • The liner notes list special thanks to many people, including Jason's mother, Karen Kay, many personnel from the recording studios, some of Jason's friends, but also list a line that reads "I would not like to thank to George W. Bush who continues to mess up our world."

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