Dvorak Awards

The Dvorak Awards were established by well-known computing columnist John C. Dvorak for "excellence in telecommunications". Ascend Communications was their primary sponsor, but a host of other businesses both inside and outside the computing industry also assumed sponsorship. The awards were given from 1992 through 1997. Although a 1998 ballot was published, finalists were never revealed and the awards were never presented. The abrupt end to the awards has never been officially explained.

Dvorak himself judged the awards in collaboration with a committee of computing industry experts who were recruited annually.


  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Man of the Year - Personal Achievement
  • Outstanding Volunteer Internet Organization
  • Outstanding Commercial Internet Organization
  • Outstanding Online Navigation Tool
  • Outstanding Online Research Tool
  • Outstanding Online Wire Service
  • Outstanding Online Newspaper
  • Outstanding Internet Innovation
  • Personal Achievement in Network Engineering
  • Outstanding Special Purpose Application
  • Outstanding Web Management Tool
  • Outstanding Special Interest Web Site
  • Outstanding Document Publishing Advancement

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