Dur al-Manthur

Dur al-Manthur (Full title of the book is Ad-Durr Al-Manthur Fi Tafsir Bil-Ma'thur; "The Scattered Pearls; Intertextual Exegesis) is an authoritatve Sunni tafsir (classical scholarly exegesis of the Quran), written by the prominent Imam Jalal al-Din al- Suyuti d. 911H. The exegesis explains each passage of the Quran by the reports and narrations from the Prophet, his Companions and the immediate generations following the Companions. Imam Suyuti compiled all the reports and narrations that he could gather for each particular passage. Unlike Al-Tabari, Imam Suyuti completely avoids penning down his personal opinions in the Tafsir nor did he make any private interpretation over any passage of the Quran.

He, however, did that in his other Tafsir work, known as Tafsir al-Jalalain (which he compiled togethger with his teacher, al-Mahally.

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