Duquesne class cruiser

The Duquesne Class were the first class of post Washington Treaty heavy cruisers built for the French Navy. They have been criticised by naval architects for having very little armour and being lightly built. Both ships survived World War II having seen little combat.


  • Duquesne - named after French Admiral Abraham Duquesne - built by Arsenal de Brest, laid down 30 October 1924, launched 17 December 1925, completed 25 January 1925. Paid off 1950. Scrapped 1955.
  • Tourville - named after French admiral Anne Hilarion de Tourville - built by Arsenal de Lorient, laid down 4 April 1925, launched 24 August 1926, completed 12 March 1929. Paid off 1950. Scrapped 1963.


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