Dudi or Dudee or Duddy or Dhuddy is a gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in India, and in Punjab In Pakistan. Dudi gotra is also found in Bhati Rajputs, Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists and Bishnois.

Dudi is an old jat Gotra of Ramayana period. Dudis are Naga Vanshi, Shiv gotri jats. Dudis are considered to be the descendants of Duda Rishi. The Naga Vanshi are union of Suryavanshi & Chandravanshi kshatriyas. Nagraj Vashuki was a king during Ramyana period of Bhogvati puri. Those jats who were followers of Lord Shiva and adopted the flag of Shiva symbol of Snake called Naga. Main branches of Nagavanshi Jats are Vasati Jats of Shrimalpur; Taksakh, Taxak, Tokas jats of Taxila; Punia of Rajgarh, Rajasthan India.

Some people believe the Dudi clan to be descended from a Jat named Duda. Some believe that this clan has derived from Dudhi plant.

Dudis in India

Dudi clan is branch of Nagvanshi Vasati Jats. Historian Dalip singh Ahlawat links them with the King Harshavardhana of Kanauj and Thanesar. Harshvardhan was a Vasati Jat.

Dudis were old ruler of Didwana, Dhundhar and Dudiya Kheda. Dudis had ruled in Rajasthan. Dudis founded the town Didwana in Nagaur district of Rajasthan and it was their capital. Dudis also founded Dhundhar and Dudhiya khera towns in Jaipur region. There are number of villages of Dudis in Nagaur, Bikaner, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Hanumangarh and Chittor in Rajasthan. After the Jat kingdom of Rajasthan was taken over by the Rajputs, Some Dudis moved to Haryana and settled in villages around Bhiwani, Jhajjar Hisar and Fatehabad districts.Presently Dudis are settled in Pili Mandori , fransi and a number of other villages in Haryana.

Dudis were also in the army of Maharaja Suraj Mal. After wars with Muslims in Delhi they moved to jungle areas towards Jhajjar and Rewari. The East of Yamuna was also over populated so they moved westward.

Dudis in Sindh

The Dudi people were old rulers of Khokara Kot, an ancient kingdom of Aryan times. There are many Dudee Gotra villages in Sindh. Dudi people are in Andhra Pradesh also iam kesava kumar Dudi now iam gathering the all andhra,karnataka,tamilnadu and kerala Dudi people.

Dudis in Chipko movement

Maharaja Abhay Singh, Ruler of Marwar (Jodhpur) state who wanted to fell green Khejri(Prosopis cineraria) trees at village Khejarli to burn lime for the construction of his new palace. Since, there was a lot of greenery in the Bishnoi villages even in the middle of Thar desert, they protested to protect the trees and 363 Bishnois were massacred in the process. Out of these martyrs 10 persons were from Dudi clan. This incidence is considered to be the origin of Chipko movement. It was on tuesday 10th day of the bright fortnight of the month Bhadrapad (Indian lunar Calendar) in 1730 A.D. The brave Bishnoi lady Amrita Devi played a historical role in this incidence.10 Dudi Jats were martyrs in this Saka.

Gotra wise number of these martyrs was as under: Achara (1), Badaderi (1), Badiyani (1), Chotiya (1), Degipal (1), Dudan (1), Geela (1), Goyal (1), Janwar (1), Javalia (1), Juriya (1), Kalirani (1), Khavi (1), Khichar (1), Kupasiya (1), Lamba (1),Maal (1), Rinwa (1), Seegar (1) Tadi (1), Vaasu (1), Adeena (2), Bhadiawas (2), Bola (2), Jhangu (2), Manjhu (2), Punia (2), Thalod (2), Bhanwal (3), Burdak (3), Chahar (3), Dhatarwal (3), Potalia (3), Rahad (3), Siyol (3), Badiya (4), Dhayal (4), Isram (4), Karhwasra (4), Bhangarwas (5), Dukia (5), Khava (6), Khileri (6), Lol (6), Nain (6), Sahu (6), Sinwar (6), Dhaka (8), Dara (10), Dudi (10), Kaswan (10), Khod (10), Khokhar (10), Panwar (10), Asiagh (13), Not clear (22), Jani (15), Saran (18), Babal (22), Beniwal (25),

Most of above gotras are of Jats

Notable persons of this gotra


  • Dharmpal Singh Dudi: Adhunik Jat Itihas (Hindi)

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