Duddeston railway station

Duddeston railway station is a railway station serving the Duddeston area of Birmingham. It is situated on the Redditch-Birmingham New Street-Lichfield Cross-City Line, and also on the Walsall line. Services on both lines are usually operated by Class 323 electrical multiple units. The pedestrian entrance is on Duddeston Mill Road.

Duddeston station was originally opened in 1837 as Vauxhall station, and it served as the temporary Birmingham terminus of the Grand Junction Railway from Warrington. When the permanent terminus opened at Curzon Street in 1839, Vauxhall became a goods-only station until it was rebuilt and opened in 1869 under the LNWR. It was renamed Vauxhall and Duddeston in 1889, and is now just Duddeston. In 1941, the station was hit by a bomb during a night bombing raid and was completely destroyed. The station was rebuilt in a temporary fashion, however, in the mid-1950s this caught fire and was subsequently rebuilt.

The entrance and ticket hall are over the tracks, on a bridge shared by Duddeston Mill Road. The former Midland Railway line to Derby is nearby, but is not served by the station.

Adjacent are railway sheds which were once used for industrial purposes. However, these sheds are not used and the entrance has been blocked to prevent trespassing. One shed which was located on the opposite side of the station to the currently remaining sheds was demolished and remains as wasteland. The station has two island platforms serving four tracks, although two tracks are now abandoned and only one island platform remains in use; the other has fallen into disrepair.

The platform which remains in use features artwork on black metal backgrounds.


Services operate through Duddeston on the Walsall Line and the Cross-City Line. On both lines, there are two services in each direction every hour.

On the Cross-City Line, all services in both directions operate between Four Oaks and Redditch, calling all stations.

On the Walsall Line, all services in both directions operate between Walsall and Birmingham New Street, calling all stations. In the evenings, services are extended to Hednesford on the Chase Line, but they still call all stations.


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