Duck Dodgers (TV series)

Duck Dodgers is an American animated television series, based on the classic cartoon short Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century, produced by Warner Bros. from 2003 to 2005. The series aired on Cartoon Network and it starred Daffy Duck as the titular character. It currently airs in reruns on Cartoon Network's sister network, Boomerang. On 12 May 2007, telecasts started on Nova Television in Bulgaria.


Though primarily based around the original Duck Dodgers short (which is also set in the "24 and 1/2" century, or roughly 2350 AD), the series has also taken many visual and thematic cues from other Looney Tunes shorts unrelated to the Dodgers character and its science fiction premise. Many other familiar characters from the Looney Tunes pantheon are featured in the series, often given traits to fit within Duck Dodgers's own universe. For example, Yosemite Sam becomes "K'chutha Sa'am," a parody of Klingons in Star Trek, Elmer Fudd becomes a parasitic mind-altering alien disease known as "The Fudd" (a take-off of The Flood in Halo, though more closely resembling The Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation), Witch Hazel was Leezah the Witch in one episode, Count Blood Count was Count Muerte in two episodes, and Wile E. Coyote was a Predator-like alien hunter in one episode where Martian Commander X-2 and K-9 were hunting. Nasty Canasta, Taz, Rocky and Mugsy, and The Crusher also made appearances on this series. In a two-part episode, The Shropshire Slasher appears as a convict named the Andromeda Annihilator. In addition to these pop culture references, the show's theme (arranged by The Flaming Lips) is sung by Tom Jones, in a style reminiscent of Jones' performance of the theme from the James Bond film Thunderball. Jones also appeared in caricature form in the second season episode "Talent Show A Go-Go," to sing his signature song, "It's Not Unusual." The episode "In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock" feature Dave Mustaine of heavy metal band Megadeth, and the band performed "Back in the Day."

Duck Dodgers was nominated in 2004 Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Television Production Produced For Children, Music in an Animated Television Production, Production Design in an Animated Television Production, and Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production. It won the Annie award for 2004 for Music in an Animated Television Production, music by Robert J. Kral. It was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of SPECIAL CLASS ANIMATED PROGRAM in 2004 and again in 2005. This series ended production in 2005 after its third season.


Galactic Protectorate

  • Captain Duck Victor Dumas Aloysius Dodgers - A poor, hapless soul that was accidentally frozen for over 300 years. He was later revived by Professor I.Q. Hi in the 24th and one half century. Through scheming and lies he managed to trick everyone into believing he was a twenty-first-century hero. In reality, he was only a water-boy for a football team. He is cowardly, selfish, gullible, and not particularly intelligent. However, he occasionally displays surprisingly high levels of heroism and competence, suggesting that he is not quite as daft as he appears to be, although he mostly succeeds through dumb luck and the work of the Eager Young Space Cadet. He is played by Looney Tunes staple character Daffy Duck.
  • The Eager Young Space Cadet - Looks up to Dodgers, seeing him as a father-figure in many ways. He is utterly loyal to Dodgers and doesn't doubt a word he says. Despite being much smarter than his so-called hero, he lets him give all the orders. Dodgers cares deeply for his cadet though he rarely shows it, and often tries to take credit for the cadet's work. Dodgers relies heavily on the cadet's assistance and would likely fail most missions without it. It should be noted that the cadet is also fairly successful as a ladies man, often being the one who gets the girl Dodgers swoons over. He graduated summa cum laude from the Protectorate Academy. Very little else is known about his past, though one episode portrays him as being the Prince and Ruler of his home planet of Swinus 9, with his own set of villains trying to dethrone or otherwise eliminate him. Since this was revealed in a story the Cadet told while babysitting his overly rambunctious niece and nephews, Porko, Puerco, and Sow (a joke on Animaniacs' Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, and even voiced by the same people), and they expressed no prior knowledge of this, it is unknown whether or not this is true or just his attempt to impress his impressionable relatives. He has claimed to have ended world hunger to Count Muerte, although this could be seen as bragging to a stranger. The cadet is played by Porky Pig.
  • Professor Ignatius Q "I.Q." Hi - The overweight scientist that revived Dodgers after being frozen for 300 years. Nervous and hard-working, he is often irritated and frustrated with Dodger's incompetence, and doubts that Dodgers truly was a twenty-first-century hero. In addition to being a hard-working scientist, he constantly wears gloves that stretch up his arm, ending at his elbow and leaving a gap between his fingertips and the glove's tips (which he did not wear in the 1952 short).
  • Captain Star Johnson - Johnson is a rival captain of Dodger's in the Galactic Protectorate. Gifted with a University education, Johnson has a Flash Gordon-like personality about him, and once took Dodgers to court over his incompetence. Since then, Johnson has been involved in freeing Mars from the military coup by General Z9, and searching for gangsters when Dodgers went missing for a brief period of time.
  • Captain Long - Member of the Galactic Protectorate. He appeared in The Fudd where he was one of the victims of the Mother Fudd.
  • Captain Dallas Rodman - Member of the Galactic Protectorate. Rodman appeared in only one episode, The Best of Captains, The Worst of Captains where he was nominated for "Captain of the Year" at the Galactic Protectorate's Captainee Awards. He closely resembled Buzz Lightyear.
  • Aurora Soleil - She served as a lieutenant in the Galactic Protectorate. When it came to the Captainee Awards, Duck Dodgers, and Star Johnson competed for her attention. At the awards, she was promoted to Captain for her heroic actions upon receiving an award that Cadet voted for her in the "Captain of the Year" category. Based on Wilma Deering.


  • Martian Commander X-2 - The confident commander of the Martian military who is Dodgers' arch enemy. He is infatuated with the Martian Queen that he serves, and considers Dodgers more of a nuisance than a true enemy. Though in reality, he is almost as incompetent as Dodgers, evidenced by the fact that he essentially created Duck Dodgers by going back in time and making him a hero. He is played by Marvin the Martian.
  • The Martian Queen (AKA: Queen Tyr'ahnee, pronounced "tyranny") - The beautiful ruler of Mars. She is in love with Dodgers and, just like Cadet, believes him to be a true hero, although she still dislikes him at times. She is something of a female version of Marvin Martian and wears outfits reminiscent of ancient Egyptian royal garb. Martian Commander X-2 once dated her.
  • Commander K-9 - Martian Commander X-2's dog. Played by K-9.
  • Martian Centurion Robots - The faithful robotic servants of the Mars Empire. They appear to be sentient, and make up a large portion of the Imperial Army, while the organic Martians act as officers. This is a homage to the Cylon Centurions of Battlestar Galactica. All Centurions are voiced by Michael Dorn.
  • Instant Martians - Strange bird-like Martian beings with purple hair. They were used briefly as an escape ploy by Commander X-2. They emerge from minuscule seeds that are activated when they come in contact with water.
  • Martian Commander Z-9 - A Martian Commander who plotted to take over Earth and Mars. He managed to capture Star Johnson, overthrow the Martian Queen, and send Martian Commander X-2 on the run. It took Duck Dodgers, Cadet, Martian Commander X-2, and Star Johnson to defeat him. He is currently incarcerated and sharing a cell with the Andromeda Annihilator.

Other Characters

The characters listed below are in order of appearance:

  • Happy Cat - A corporate mascot for a long line of products, satirizing anime-style cartoon cats, possibly Hello Kitty in specific. Happy Cat makes numerous appearances throughout the series, often in a background role, though he takes on the role of a villain in one episode as "Achu the Wizard." Dodgers has a Happy Cat alarm clock by his bed which often taunts him into getting up. Happy Cat's catch phrase is a mirthless "HA! HA! HA!" This phrase and the name come from the CartoonNetwork animated series Samurai Jack, which Dodgers portrays. The cat portrays Aku the Wizard from Samurai Jack as Achoo.
  • Agent Yoshimi - A special agent who the President of Outer Space assigned Dodgers and the Cadet to transport to the planet Andromeda 6, in the Beta Carotene System, to organize freedom fighters to liberate the planet from Martian Centurion Robots. Dodgers fell in love with her at first sight, though she barely noticed his presence, let alone his feelings, and by the end of the mission, she'd fallen in love with a freedom fighter named Dax. (The episode's closing credits list her as "Dr. Yoshimi," though she was never referred to by that title in the episode itself.)
  • Agent Roboto - Agent Roboto is a robot created by Dr. I.Q. Hi to assist Duck Dodgers and Cadet when the Martians' Space Station was firing a laser. Agent Roboto proved to be very good at saving lives which led to Dodgers planning to get rid of him. He ended up destroyed. He later returned with a vengeance by forming the Legion of Duck Doom and attempted to attack Duck Dodgers and Cadet at Carlsbad Caverns. When Agent Roboto turned out to be blinded by rage, he left to warn Duck Dodgers about the Legion's plan. He sacrificed himself to save Duck Dodgers by a meteor heading toward Mars. (Ironically, both times he was destroyed trying to save Dodgers the same way the Giant did in the movie The Iron Giant - also a Warner Bros. production - he even uses the line "Dodger's Friend," an obvious homage to the last line of the film's robot)
  • Dr Psy Q. Hi - A therapist, and the brother of Dr. I.Q. Hi.
  • Steve Boston - Known as the Six Wazillion Dollar Man, he trained Duck Dodgers to master his cybernetic parts and assisted him into thwarting the Martian's latest plot that involved people with cybernetic parts. A parody of Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man
  • Chancellor Flippauralius and King Great White - Chancellor Flippauralius is the ruler of the Dophinites while King Great White is the ruler of the Sharkarians on the planet Aquarium. While Flippauralius is a fan of classical music, King Great White prefers rock (the latter may be a reference to the rock band Great White). When Dodgers and Cadet were visiting that planet on a diplomatic mission, they sided with opposing rulers on their musical opinions. This almost broke out into a civil war until both races shared the habit of making sure their planet doesn't break. After Duck Dodgers rammed their ship into Aquarium (though it was miraculously fixed), he and Cadet were suspended for causing civil war to break out and almost destroying Aquarium. King Great White and Chancellor Flippauralius have also informed the Galactic Protectorate (mainly I.Q. Hi) that if Duck Dodgers and Cadet visit Aquarium again, they will be "filleted."
  • Rona Viper - A bounty hunter originally hired by Skunderbelly, but allied with Duck Dodgers.
  • Counselor Combustion - A fiery lawyer who is the sister of Flame Valet who she has a sibling rivalry with. Mars used her to convince Hungortus to eat Earth.
  • Flame Valet - A fiery lawyer who serves as the Herald of Hungortus. Earth used him to convince Hungortus to eat Mars even though Flame Valet never won a case.
  • Master Moloch - A gibbon-like alien who trains Protectorate Agents is a master of the Gibbon Fist Kung Fu move. He trained Duck Dodgers and Cadet into learning that martial arts move when it came to fighting the Whoosh.
  • Dave Mustaine - The lead vocalist/guitarist of the thrash metal band Megadeth. Dodgers and Cadec free him from his cryogenic prison in the rock and roll hall of fame so they can use him to combat a Martian music based weapon. Initially Dave does not remember anything about his rock star past, but he then remembers everything and with the help of Glen Drover, Sean Drover, and James Macdonough they destroy the Martian weapon. Dave's voice was done by Dave himself.

Other Villains

The villains listed below are in order of appearance:

  • Catapoids - Caterpillar-like aliens who take the form of girls when Duck Dodgers first encounters them. One of them appears in the Legion of Duck Doom in girl form.
  • Count Muerte - A fat-sucking vampire who plotted to suck the fat out of the Eager Young Space Cadet. He even hypnotized Duck Dodgers to help him. Cadet destroyed Count Muerte by using a fat-free cheese duplicate of himself. Count Muerte returned from the dead as a member of Agent Roboto's Legion of Duck Doom. He is played by Count Blood Count.
  • Drake Darkstar - A dangerous villain who resembles Duck Dodgers. During a prison visit, Drake Darkstar escaped and Duck Dodgers was mistaken for Drake. When both Duck Dodgers and Drake Darkstar fought in front of the guards and Cadet, Drake was chosen by Cadet since "he was much nicer to him."
  • Martian Gophers - Two six-limbed green gophers from Mars that Martian Commander X-2 and Commander K-9 encounter. Their king wanted to blow up Mars. The Martian Gopher later returned to plague Duck Dodgers on a space farm. They resemble the Goofy Gophers.
  • K'Chutha Sa'am - Leader of the Klunkins, he first appeared in a plot to take over Earth only to be thwarted by Cadet (who found the Moonesium Rocks that transformed him into Pork Piggler). The Klunkins consider cats as their appetizer. On another occasion, they fought Duck Dodgers when they were guarding spoiled pop star Lady Chanticleer whom K'Chutha is a fan of. He is last seen as a member of the Legion of Duck Doom. K'Chutha Sa'am is played by Yosemite Sam. The Klunkins are a parody of the Klingons.
  • Lezah the Wicked - A character in a virtual MMORPG who sent Dodgers' character on a quest to save a princess, which turned out to be herself. Despite her hideous appearance her player is actually quite attractive.
  • Long John Silver the 23rd - A descendant of Long John Silver who leads a band of Space Pirates. He and his pirates had possession of a device called Disappearo that enables their ship to disappear without detection when robbing spaceships on the trade route. It took Duck Dodgers, Cadet, and Martian Commander X-2 (who was trying to claim the Disappearo for Mars) to thwart him, but Long John Silver the 23rd got away. He is last seen as a member of the Legion of Duck Doom.
  • Nasty Canasta - An intergalactic bounty hunter portrayed by the Looney Tunes character of the same name. He was hired by Martian Commander X-2 to take down Duck Dodgers who was vacationing on Roboworld. Disguised as a cowboy, he took on Duck Dodgers before being defeated by the robot version of Cadet. He is later recruited into the Legion of Duck Doom.
  • Sinestro - A villain (enemy of the DC Comics character Green Lantern) who attempts to destroy the Green Lantern Corps on Oa.
  • Dr. Woe - A mad scientist and archenemy of Martian Commander X-2 who plotted to take over Mars. Martian Commander X-2 had to fight him in order to free Queen Tyr'ahnee only for Duck Dodgers (who Martian Commander X-2 didn't consider to be his archenemy) to interfere and thwart him. He is portrayed by the mad scientist from Water, Water Every Hare.
  • Archduke Zag - Cadet's evil cousin who took over Swinus 9. When news of Cadet's return reached the planet, Archduke Zag went into hiding and resurfaced to capture Princess Incense. When Cadet and Duck Dodgers followed him to a lava river, Archduke Zag and Cadet fought with laser sabers which Cadet won at. He then used lava-powered bracelets to conjure a lava monster to attack Cadet. When Duck Dodgers and Princess Incense have converted the lava monster's energy source, Archduke Zag was defeated.
  • Maninsuit - A giant docile monster who lived on a Japan-based planet Niponno and was controlled by the Martians. It took Duck Dodgers, Cadet, and Rickki Roundhouse to free him from the Martians' control. Maninsuit is a parody of Godzilla.
  • Alien Hunter - An alien hunter, modeled on the film character Predator, who hunted Martian Commander X-2 and Commander K-9 when they were on their hunting trip. He is played by Wile E. Coyote.
  • Baby-Faced Moonbeam - An evil little boy with electromagnetic powers. He was sentenced to life imprisoned 900 years ago frozen in ice and was supposed to stay that way until Dodgers thawed him out. He was eventually defeated by Dodgers, the Cadet and Martian Commander X-2. Baby-Faced Moonbeam was last seen with other villains when Agent Roboto assembled the Legion of Duck Doom. He resembles Ralph Phillips.
  • New Cadet - A female cadet who infiltrated Duck Dodgers' ship posing as Cadet's replacement so she could start a relationship with him. She helped Duck Dodgers thwart a plot by Martian Commander X-2. Dr. I.Q. Hi didn't know he sent a new cadet until Dodgers discovered Cadet tied up below. The two managed to escape with New Cadet setting her eyes upon Martian Commander X-2. She appears as one of the members of Legion of Duck Doom.
  • Mother Fudd - A large head of a parasitic mind-altering alien disease on a floating device. Anyone exposed to it resembles the person who plays it....Elmer Fudd. It started to infect everyone on Earth and Mars so they can invade the sun and take over the Solar System. Since they were hit by a magical rock earlier that made them immune to the Fudd, Duck Dodgers, Cadet, and Martian Commander X-2 had to work together to infiltrate the Mother Fudd's ship and stop it. When the immunity jar reversed the powers, Mother Fudd reverted back to Elmer Fudd. A different version of Fudd was among the villains assembled by Agent Roboto to join the Legion of Duck Doom.
  • Commandante Hilgalgo - Ruler of a California-based planet with less-advanced technology. Duck Dodgers takes on his tyranny disguised as Xero. His right hand man Sergeant Vasquez keeps trying to tell him that Xero and Duck Dodgers are the same. Soon, Xero and Commandante Hilgalgo engaged each other in a laser sword fight which Duck Dodgers won. He is last seen in the Legion of Duck Doom. Commandante Hilgalgo is a homage to Colonel Huerta from the 1975 Zorro Movie.
  • Tasmanian Warrior - A Tasmanian Devil-like lifeform that Duck Dodgers fought on the talking planet Masatevo. He appears in the Legion of Duck Doom. He is played by Taz.
  • Crusher - Portrayed by the character of the same name, Crusher is a tough surfer who is said to be the best in the universe. He challenged Duck Dodgers to a surfing contest where they tried to defeat each other. Duck Dodgers ended up winning the surf-off. He returns as a membder of the Legion of Duck Doom.
  • Andromeda Annihilator - A convict which shared a cell with the Cadet (who took the fall for Dodgers). He was played by the Shropshire Slasher.
  • Black Eel - A villain in an atmospheric diving suit. He first appeared when Agent Roboto formed the Legion of Duck Doom. He is a Seaman villain who was filled in about Duck Dodgers by the other villains. He later attends the Martian Queen's wedding with Seaman (a parody of Aquaman). Both of them ended up being enemies again when the truce between Earth and Mars was over. Black Eel is a parody of Black Manta.
  • Magnificent Rogue - A handsome, rich, long-haired, muscular and suave villain who is a celebrity. He plotted to flood the Earth, but was thwarted and escaped.
  • Victor Von Boogieman - A villain from the disco planet Groovica. He was in cahoots with Martian Commander X-2 and the Martian Queen when they stole the galaxy's supply of diamonds. He was defeated by Duck Dodgers, Cadet, and Paprika Solo.
  • Dr. Menace - A mad scientist hired by the Martians to help them with a cybornetic project. He was not what the Martian Queen expected when he was unfamiliar with it. When Dodgers thwarted the Martians, Dr. Menace escaped with Bigfoot and were seen in the fast food business. On the "Bonafide Heroes" show, Dr. Menace and Bigfoot were seen being interviewed in jail.
  • Hubie and Bertie - Two mice (played by the characters of the same name) are hired by the Martian Queen and Martian Commander X-2 to turn Duck Dodgers against Cadet with various pranks that the other one is blamed for. When Duck Dodgers and Cadet discover this, they use them upon the Martian Queen and Martian Commander X-2.
  • Skunderbelly - A gambling kingpin who hired bounty hunters to capture Duck Dodgers.
  • Hungortus - The Eater of Worlds. Duck Dodgers and Martian Commander X-2 had to hire lawyers to help him decide if he should eat Earth or Mars. He is a parody of Galactus with a mouth on his stomach that eats up any remains of a planet.
  • Manobrain - A tentacled alien with a large brain and psychic abilities who used to be friends with I.Q. Hi when it college until they blamed each other for the loss of a prototype weight-loss pill they invented. He became a criminal mastermind and resurfaced to steal the secret codes that were to be used in the event that the President of Outer Space accidentally locked himself in his walk-in closet. He hid the codes inside Duck Dodgers' brain and had to help I.Q. Hi, Cadet, and Duck Dodgers' egos recover it before the President runs out of air. I.Q. Hi and Manobrain ended up renewing their feud when the weight-loss pill goes missing again unbeknownst to them that Duck Dodgers stole it.
  • Whoosh - Dennis is an orangutan-like alien. He used a Gibbon Fist Kung Fu move for a life of crime after he didn't get a perfect score. It took Duck Dodgers, Cadet, and Master Moloch to defeat him, but a villain's dojo received info about the special martial arts move from him with Martian Commander X-2 as one of its students.
  • Serpenti Crime Family - Snake-like aliens who make up a crime family. It is led by twin brothers Royal and Roy Serpenti. They were known to have ruined Rocky's opportunity to rob a bank. It was said that they stole the universe's supply of Bubba Looney gum. To get close to them, Duck Dodgers and Cadet worked with Rocky and Mugsy to form a crime family only for the Serpenti Crime Family to end up arrested in the end.
  • Camoman - A supervillain who can blend into his surrounding unless it is plaid. He infiltrated Dodgers' ship when the "Bonified Heroes" show was filming Duck Dodgers so that Camoman can be on TV. His head shape resembles Elmer Fudd.


  • Earth - The HQ of the Galactic Protectorate, as well as the homeworld of Dodgers, the Cadet and several of the heroic characters of the series.
  • Mars - Barren, hostile home of the Martians, ruled over by Queen Tyr'ahnee. The planet boasts a large army of robot centurions, and bears some resemblance to ancient Sparta.
  • Klunk - Homeworld of the Viking-like Klunkans, led by K'Chutha Sa'am.
  • Vacation World - A planet visited by Dodgers in The Wrath of Canasta. A parody of Westworld.
  • Hollywood Planet - Artificial planet that resembles the Universal Studios logo. The planet is one giant film studio, and was partially damaged in Hooray for Hollywood Planet.
  • Fridgdonia VII - Queen Tyr'ahnee imprisoned The Eager Young Space Cadet on this ice-planet to lure Dodgers into a trap in The Queen is Wild.
  • Swinus 9 - The Eager Young Space Cadet's home planet. It is modeled after Bagdad.
  • Exile Planet - This planet was mentioned by Archduke Zag.
  • Niponno - A technocratic world seen in The Menace of Maninsuit. It is modelled closely on Tokyo and other Japanese cities seen in early Godzilla films.
  • Masativo the Living Planet - A sapient planet from Deathmatch Duck which resembles a large Geode. Masativo was presumably destroyed by the Cadet where his diamonds were harvested by the end of the episode. He is almost a parody of Ego the Living Planet.
  • Maltese VII - Dodgers claims to have a time-share on this planet in Deathmatch Duck.
  • Nostrillia - A planet where its inhabitants resemble noses.
  • Nolandus - Nicknamed "the island planet" as it consists only of several desert islands separated by vast oceans. Dodgers and Martian Commander X-2 are stranded here in Just the Two of Us, before discovering it to be a holiday resort that the Cadet and the Martian Centurians were vacationing at.
  • Dakota - A planet modeled after either North Dakota or South Dakota or both.
  • Groovica - A 70's disco planet in the ABBA Bee-Gee Quadrant.
  • Aquarium - A planet that resembles an aquarium. It is the home of the Sharkarians and the Dolphinites.
  • Oa - Homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe and headquarters for the Green Lantern Corps, depicted in the episode The Green Loontern.

Episode list

pilot "Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century" (1953); "Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century" (1980)
Season 1 (2003) Season 2 (2004) Season 3 (2005)
01 "Duck Deception / The Spy Who Didn't Love Me" 14 "Pig Planet" 27 "Till Doom Do Us Part"
02 "The Fowl Friend / The Fast and the Feathery" 15 "Invictus Interruptus / Pet Peeved" 28 "Villainstruck / Just the Two of Us"
03 "The Trial of Duck Dodgers / Big Bug Mamas" 16 "The Menace of Maninsuit / K-9 Quarry" 29 "The Kids Are All Wrong / Win, Lose or Duck"
04 "Duck Codgers / Where's Baby Smarty Pants" 17 "Talent Show A-Go-Go / The Love of a Father" 30 "Boar to Be Riled / Clean Bill of Health"
05 "I'm Gonna Get You, Fat Sucka / Detained Duck" 18 "The New Cadet / The Love Duck" 31 "Best of Captains, Worst of Captains / That's Lifomatica"
06 "K-9 Kaddy / Pig of Action" 19 "The Fudd" 32 "Diamond Boogie / Corporate Pigfall"
07 "Shiver Me Dodgers" 20 "The Mark of Xero / I See Duck People" 33 "The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck"
08 "The Wrath of Canasta / They Stole Dodgers' Brain" 21 "Deathmatch Duck / Deconstructing Dodgers" 34 "Too Close for Combat / The Fins of War"
09 "The Green Loontern" 22 "MMORD / Old McDodgers" 35 "Good Duck Hunting / Consumption Overruled"
10 "Quarterback Quack / To Love a Duck" 23 "Diva Delivery / Castle High" 36 "A Lame Duck Mind"
11 "Hooray for Hollywood Planet" 24 "Surf the Stars / Samurai Quack" 37 "Master & Disaster / All in the Crime Family"
12 "The Queen is Wild / Back to the Academy" 25 "Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace Episode 1" 38 "In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock / Ridealong Calamity"
13 "Enemy Yours / Duck Departure" 26 "Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace Episode 2" 39 "Bonafide Hero: Captain Duck Dodgers"


Guest Cast

References to Other Media

In blackest day or brightest night
Watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda yadda
Erm...superstitious and cowardly lot
With liberty and justice for all!

  • In "Till Doom Do Us Part," Agent Roboto assembles some of Duck Dodgers' old enemies to form the Legion of Duck Doom (parody of the Legion of Doom). It's made up of Crusher, Fudd, Catapoid, Count Muerte, New Cadet, Black Eel, Nasty Canasta, Commandante Hilgalo, Baby-Faced Moonbeam, Long John Silver the 23rd, K'Chutha Sa'am, and Taz.
  • Though he is briefly referenced in two episodes, Bugs Bunny does not make a single appearance in the series.
  • In "Surf the Stars," Duck Dodgers eats a can of pineapples and instantly becomes stronger, possibly a reference to Popeye and his spinach.
  • In "Samurai Quack," Duck Dodgers eats a poisonous blowfish, and falls into a coma. In the coma, Dodgers dreams that he is Samurai Quack, a parody of Samurai Jack.
  • In the episode Fins Of War, a character resembling SpongeBob SquarePants can be seen.
  • "Pig Planet" features an appearance by the Cadet's nephews and niece, named Porko, Puerco, and Sow. These particular characters' personalities and voices were based on those of (and were possibly a tribute to) Yakko, Wakko, and Dot from Animaniacs. They were even voiced by the same actors: Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, and Tress MacNeille.
  • In "Shiver Me Dodgers", Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble of the the famous animated sitcom are seen in the line of pirates wanting to join the crew of Long John Silver the 23rd. However, in keeping with the theme of the episode, they were shown in pirate form.
  • The episode The Spy Who Didn't Love Me featured a character named Yoshimi, which is also the name of the title character from the album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, by the Flaming Lips, who arranged the series' opening theme.
  • The beginning of the episode Just the Two of Us has Dodgers narrating in which he gives the current star date, à la Star Trek: The Original Series. The star date happens to be 8675.309, a probable reference to the 1982 song 867-5309/Jenny, performed by Tommy Tutone.
  • The FUDD is a reference to the Flood a parasitic enemy from the video game series Halo.

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