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Duane Gill

Duane Gill, better known by his ring name Gillberg, is an American professional wrestler. He is a former WWF Light Heavyweight Champion, having held the belt for 15 months, making him the longest reigning Light Heavyweight Champion in WWE history.


Duane Gill was a WWF jobber in the 1990s. He made his return to the WWF at the 1998 Survivor Series as Mankind's mystery opponent. Vince McMahon seemingly facilitated Mankind's route to victory in a tournament for the vacant WWF Championship as he appeared to be McMahon's favorite to win. Before Gill made his entrance, Vince McMahon built up the suspense by referring to him as a wrestler with a win/loss record that no other wrestler could match. Although the statement was thought to indicate an individual who won more than lost in their career, the opposite was true and Gill was quickly defeated by Mankind. He later joined the J.O.B. Squad with Al Snow, Scorpio, and Bob Holly.

Gillberg was also responsible for (kayfabe) ending Marc Mero's career when the latter challenged him to a match, announcing to the crowd that he would retire from wrestling if he could not beat him. Gill won the match with some help from the J.O.B. Squad, and Mero left the WWF, although he did not legitimately retire as promised.

On November 17 1998, he became the WWF Light Heavyweight Champion after defeating Christian on RAW is WAR. Shortly thereafter, Gill was given his most well-known gimmick: Gillberg, a parody of rival promotion World Championship Wrestling's top star Goldberg. When he became "Gillberg", the reported original plan was to have him lose 173 consecutive matches (parodying Goldberg's winning streak of 173 matches). His entrance included stage hands holding up sparklers (parodying Goldberg's pyrotechnics) and spraying the entranceway with fire extinguishers. His entrance was also accompanied by the fake sound of a crowd chanting "Gillberg." This was likely put in as a reference to the controversy over Goldberg's WCW entrance, wherein there was always a "Goldberg" chant. This chant was often thought to be piped in, though some fans at shows said it was real. Gill also had a dotted line "tattoo" on his right arm (parodying Goldberg's tribal tattoo). In addition, Gill would use the catchphrase "Who's First?", a reference to not only Goldberg's "Who's Next?" but the fact that Gill continuously lost match after match. He was a participant in the 1999 Royal Rumble, but was instantaneously eliminated by Edge. His only victory as Gillberg came on a February 13th, 1999 taping of Raw is War from Toronto's SkyDome, defeating Goldust with help from former J.O.B. Squad member The Blue Meanie, then known as Bluedust. After leaving the WWF, Gill continued to portray the Gillberg gimmick in some independent promotions.

While he still came to the ring with the belt, the Light Heavyweight Championship was basically forgotten, as Gill did not defend the title a single time on WWF television as Gillberg. After disappearing for over a year, Gill returned to the WWF for one match, losing the championship to the debuting Essa Rios, accompanied by Lita on a February 2000 edition of Sunday Night HEAT. He held the belt for 15 months, making him the longest reigning WWF Light Heavyweight Champion in history.

When Goldberg came to WWE in 2003, his first feud was against The Rock. During the April 21 2003 edition of RAW, Gillberg was brought out by The Rock to mock Goldberg.

On the 15th Anniversary of RAW Gillberg returned and participated in the 15 Man Battle Royal, but was eliminated almost immediately by every superstar in the match.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves

*Jackhammer (Suplex powerslam)
*Double underhook suplex
*Pumphandle fallaway slam

To fit in with his imitation Goldberg gimmick, Gill would often finish matches with Goldberg's signature moves, as well as dropping many of the generic light-heavyweight maneuvers. Prior to becoming Gillberg, Gill would often use sneaky roll-up pins to pick up a victory.

Championships and accomplishments

  • All Star Wrestling Association

*ASWA Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Wayne Gill

  • Eastern Championship Pro Wrestling

*ECPW Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Lord of Discipline Agony

*NWA New Jersey Junior Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

*WWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Wayne Gill

*WWF Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time) (Longest reign in the United States)


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