Kings (drinking game)

Kings (also less commonly known as King's Cup, Four Kings, King of beers, Captain Dickhead, Circle of Death, or Ring of Fire) is a popular drinking game. It uses a standard deck of playing cards. The deck of cards are shuffled and spread down on a table, usually in a circle. In some variations, a cup is placed in the center of the table. The game goes around the table with each player drawing one card at a time. Each card has a different action associated with it, which are listed below.


  • 1 glass or mug
  • 1 deck of playing cards
  • 3 or more people
  • Plenty of alcohol

Official rules

To begin the game, spread a deck of cards face down in a circle around an empty cup. Later in the game, if a player "breaks the seal", he or she must drink.

This also can be used with the "mushroom rule", where players place a full can or bottle of beer in the center of the circle of cards, and, as each card is drawn, it is placed on the full beer, with at least two corners hanging unsupported by cards underneath. The first person to place a card on top of the beer and knock off the cards has to chug the full beer. This is an option to use if the players decide not to use the "king's cup" rule.

Another variant is to have a full can of beer in the center of the circle of cards and, as each card is drawn, it is placed under the tab of the beer can. Whichever person places the card that breaks the seal of the beer is required to chug the full beer.

Others play with the additional rule that players can only touch the card that they are currently drawing from the circle.

"Number" cards

Cards with numbers two-eight (2-8) are worth their face value in drinks.
Color Rule
Black ♣ ♠ "Black You Give Back" - The player must give out the face amount in drinks to other player(s).
Red ♥ ♦
"Red To The Head" - The player must take that amount of drinks (sips) him/herself.

"Special" cards

Cards nine (9) to Ace (A) are all special cards. The color/suit of the card does not matter.

Card Rule
"You" - The player picks someone ("you," which rhymes with two) who must then drink
"Me" - The player who drew the card ("me," which rhymes with three) takes a drink
"Whores" - Girls drink
"Hand Jive" - The player does a hand jive, and, going clockwise around the circle, all players must copy the previous player and add their own trick to the mix. The first player to mess up drinks.
"Dicks" - Guys drink
"sevens heaven" - last one to raise their hand drinks
"Date" - the person who picks the card picks a mate to drink with him or her.
"Bust a Rhyme" - The player must pick a word/phrase, and, going clockwise around the circle, all players must think of a rhyme with the word/phrase. The player to mess up the rhyme drinks. The starting word must not be rhymeless (e.g. orange, purple).
"Categories" - The person who picks up the card calls out a category such as "car makes" or "Family Guy characters" and then starts with the first example of something from that category. No example can be repeated and the first person to fail to come up with another example drinks 2 fingers.
"Rule" - The player must choose a rule to be in effect for the rest of the game. If any player breaks a rule, he/she must drink. In most games, the rules become void while involved in game related activity (Rhyme Time, Questions, etc.)
"Questions" - The player who drew the card asks someone a question, and then that person must ask someone a question, but not answer his or her question. The first one to laugh drinks.
"King's Cup" - The player may pour a decent amount of whatever he/she is drinking into the "king cup" located in the center of the table. When the last (4th) king is chosen, the chooser has to chug the king cup. The king cup may contain anything from beer, liquor, or wine, to Jaeger bombs or animal crackers.
"Waterfall" - All players begin to drink at the same time. It goes clockwise around the circle where the player next to the card-chooser cannot stop until the chooser does, and the 3rd player cannot stop until the 2nd one does, and so it goes around the circle until everyone is done.

Other variants

There are probably as many variants of Kings as there are groups who play the game. There is no right game or wrong game, no right rules or wrong rules. The wealth of different rules allows people to choose the rules that they feel will be the most fun. Below are some examples of different card values:

Two is You
Three is Me
Four is Floor
Five is Guys
Six is Chicks
Seven is Heaven
Eight is GREAT! (EVERYONE drinks!)
Nine is Rhyme
Ten is Categories
Jack is Back (Person before drawer drinks)
Queen is Questions
Ace is Waterfall


Two for You
Three for Me
Four to the Floor
Five make a Rule
Six for the Chicks
Seven to Heaven
Eight make a Date
Nine bust a Rhyme
Ten for the Men
Jack: Categories
Queen: Question
King's cup
Ace: Waterfall

Card specific rule variants

Card Rule
"You" - The player picks someone who must then drink.
"Me" - The player who drew the card takes a drink.
"floor" - last one to touch the floor drinks.
"Fives" - Nothing special, player drinks five.
"Dicks" - Guys drink.
"Heaven" - All hands in the air. Last person to do it drinks.
"Pick a Mate" - Pick a person and each takes a drink.
"Bust a Rhyme" - Player says a word, followed by the player on the right who must rhyme with the first word. Play continues in a circle until someone cannot rhyme or takes too long. Last person drinks two.
"Topics" - Player picks a topic (types of beer, car manufacturers, people in the room...) and moving in a circle everyone says something in that topic until something is repeated or a player cannot think of an example. That person then drinks two.
"Waterfall" - All players begin drinking simultaneously. When the player that drew the Jack stops drinking, the person to his/her left may stop at any time. When they stop, it continues on to the next person. The last person obviously gets screwed.
"Questions" - Player asks any other player a question, that person must then ask any other player a question WITHOUT answering the first. First person to NOT ask a question or stumble at forming a question drinks two.
"Kings Make the Rules" - Pick a rule, such as no using names, double drinks, must make sexual noise before drinking, etc. Any player that does not follow the rule, drinks one. Each successive king makes another rule, all other rules continue as well.
"Never Have I Ever..." - Player says something they have never done, anyone that HAS done that, drinks one. Player may also say something they have done and drink with them, if desired. Alternatively, players may go in a circle each saying something they have not done, instead of just the player who drew the card.

Card Rule
"You" - The player picks someone ("you," which rhymes with two) who must then drink
"Me" - The player who drew the card ("me," which rhymes with three) takes a drink
"Floor" - A four is flipped last player to touch the floor drinks (Floor sounds like "Four")
"Guys" - Guy's Drink.
"Chicks" - Chicks Drink..
"Heven" - Raise your hands up..
"Strait" - The person across from you drinks.
"Thumb Master" - While 'Thumb Master' you have the ability to at any point and time place your thumb (usually conspicuously) on the playing table. The last person of all of the players to place his/her thumb on the table drinks. A new Thumb Master is assigned the next time a '10' is drawn.
"Bitches Drink" - All girls must take a drink.

Card Rule
"Face" - The person who drew the card must lick the back of the card and stick it to their forehead. They must drink until it falls off.
"You" - The player picks someone who must then drink 2 large sips of their drink.
"Me" - The player who drew the card takes 3 large sips of their drink.
"Whore" - All the females drink.
"I Never" - You put up five fingers and go around the circle saying something you have never done, and if someone else says something they haven't done, but you have done, then you put a finger down. The person who has all their fingers down first loses and must drink. If someone says something they haven't done and no one else has done it either, they (the suggester, not the group) must take a drink, but the "mini game" still continues until someone has all five fingers down.
"Dicks" - Guys Drink.
"Heaven" - Raise your hands up...then the person that drew the card comes up with a who's most likely question, and asks it to the group, and you point is most likely, who is voted most likely must drink.
"Mate" - You pick a mate, when you drink they must drink, and vice versa for the duration of the game. You can make "chains of mates" buy choosing someone that already has a mate, and you drink when they drink and vice versa. The only time a mate or mates doesn't have to drink is when their mate draws an Ace, the Ace of your Face "mini game" is meant only for the individual who drew the Ace.
"Viking Master" - While 'Viking Master' you have the ability, at any point, to put your hands by the side of your head (your fingers are widespread and each hand is by that side of the body's ear), then everyone must react and start making a rowing motion (hands together and you making a downward circling motion from side to side) and the last person to react loses and must drink. You can be Viking master until the next 10 is drawn.

Card Rule
"Piggyback" - Player picks someone to drink whenever they drink. This player must do any consequence with the player that drew the Ace. Continues until next Ace in drawn, then someone new is picked.
"You" - The player picks someone who must then drink.
"Me" - The player who drew the card takes a drink.
"Whores" - Girls drink.
"Stay Alive" - Hold until any point that you do not want to drink - saves you from 1 drink.
"Dicks" - Guys Drink.
"Heaven" - Table agrees upon a dare, LOTS of drinking if refused.
"Rulemaster" - Makes up a random rule (ex "No Pointing") and anyone that breaks that rule until the next 8 is drawn must drink. Rulemaster has a right to change the rule at any time.
"Never Have I Ever..." - Every player holds up 3 fingers, player says something they have never done, anyone that HAS done that, puts a finger down, first player(s) to have all of their fingers down drinks. Player may also say something they have done and drink with them, if desired. Players go in a circle each saying something they have not done.
"Moose Master" - Player can now call "Moose!" at any time and make the antlers with their hands. Last person to make the antlers drinks. Continues until next 10 is drawn.
"Jacked Up" - Player must take a shot of hard liquor agreed upon before playing. Every time a Jack is drawn, it adds another shot(ex Third Jack, third shot).
"Quiet Time" - Player cannot speak until their next turn.
"The King's Cup" - Player must pour as much or as little as desired into the cup in the middle of the table. Last king drawn must empty their remaining beer into the cup, and drink all of it. The game is over when this happens.

Other cards' values

  • Chin Rule - When this rule is in effect, all player must abstain from cussing. If a player does say a cuss word and its called out on it, he or she must put and keep their chin touching the table for the rest of the game or until the rule maker says stop. They are only allowed to lift their chin to drink and pick a card.
  • Fuck you in the ass - When this card is flipped, everyone shouts, "fuck you". The last player to say the phrase must take a drink.
  • You fuck - This is the counterpart of the previous rule. When this card appears, everyone shouts out \"you fuck\". The last player to do so must take a drink.
  • Toilet - If the players are using a rule outlawing toilet breaks, this card entitles a player to leave the table to make use of the toilet later on in the game. This card can also place the player in a position of power over someone who is desperately needing to use the toilet. This card may be offered to another player.
  • Freeze - When a player picks up this card, he or she retains it. At any point throughout the game, he or she can freeze in any position. The last person to follow his or her example, and freeze in the same pose, must drink.
  • Snake eyes - If a player holds this card, no one can look into his or her eyes. Any player breaking this rule must drink. This lasts until another player draws the same card, thus he or she becomes snake eyes. (Also known as \"spy-eyes\")
  • Number chant - If this rule is assigned to, for example, seven, the players, starting at number one, take turns counting up by ones (1, 2, 3, etc). The players count clockwise around the table. Each time either a multiple of seven or a number with seven in it is said, the number must be replaced with the word \"reverse\". Then, the direction of the counting reverses going counterclockwise. The first player to say a number with seven in it or a multiple of seven must drink.
  • Five to the Sky - When a five is drawn the last player to put their hand up in the air must drink
  • The 7 rule - When a seven a drawn, the group goes clockwise and takes it in turns to count upwards from the number one, but you are not allowed to say a number that is a multiple of seven, or a number that has the number seven in it, so you are not allowed to say 14 as it is a multiple of seven, or the number 73 as it has the number seven in it. The first person to say a number with seven in it, the first person to say a multiple of seven or the first person to go wrong counting upwards has to drink. Any number that is a multiple of seven, or with the number seven in it must be skipped and the player must count upwards to the next number that does not have a multiple of seven in it, or a the number seven in it.
  • Ace to the Face - When an Ace is drawn, everyone must put one hand on their face, like if they are slapping themselves. Last person to do this must drink.
  • Get fucked - when ever 2 consecutive same cards are picked up, You drink the rest of Your pint/drink and the person who went before you's drink. All of theirs and yours.
  • Double D's - when ever an 8 is drawn that person drinks twice what they are otherwise entitled until the next person draws an 8.
  • Speak Your Punctuation - When this rule is made, everyone must say the name of any punctuation marks that would appear in anything they speak until the rule ends. Failure to speak your punctuation results in a drink.
  • No Names, No Pointing - When this rule is made, no one may call any other player by name or point at them.
  • Little Man Rule - When this rule is made, everyone pretends there is a little man sitting on the edge of their drinks. He must be removed before taking any assigned drinks, and replaced afterward.
  • To Heath - When a Joker is drawn, everyone must raise their glasses and say "To Heath" and drink. In reference to Heath Ledger and his role as The Joker (comics) in The Dark Knight (2008 film).
  • Dick Four - When the rule card is drawn, one may choose to set the "dick four" rule, which is that after every sentence spoken you must add the phrase "dick four".
  • The Viking Rule When this card is drawn the person is now the captain. Whenever (S)he puts up their index fingers up like a horned Viking helmet the other players must start "rowing the boat," which is just rowing to the left and the right with both hands, last to row must drink (sips or full drinks). A third rule can be added that a war cry must be yelled.
  • Buffalo - When this rule is in effect all players must drink with their left hand only. If a player gets caught drinking with their right hand, anyone may call "Buffalo" on them and they have to finish their drink.
  • Thorns - When this rule is in effect, any time a player is handed drinks from another player the players on either side of him/her take half the drinks the original player was handed.
  • Category - When an individual draws this card they must think of a category (ex. types of cars, colors, movie titles that start with the letter 'L', etc.) and that individual starts by naming something within that category and then the person to his/her left must say another item within that category without repeating other peoples items. This is continued until someone cannot think of anything else to add within the category and must drink.
  • Spin the Bottle - A classic game of spin the bottle is initiated, and where the bottle points, the 2 participants must kiss for an allotted period of time. If they kiss, everyone else drinks, if they bottle it (excuse the pun), then they both must drink once if they are both of the same gender, and treble if they are of opposite genders.
  • Grenade - When someone draws this card they may keep it for as long as they wish, and at any point may throw the card in the air and shout "Grenade". The last person to duck has to drink.

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