Dragula (song)

"Dragula" is the first single from Rob Zombie solo debut Hellbilly Deluxe. It is perhaps Zombie's most well known song from his solo act. The song is based on the drag racer "DRAG-U-LA" featured in the sitcom The Munsters. The audio clip "superstition, fear and jealousy" at the beginning of the song is from the film The City of the Dead. The words are spoken by Christopher Lee. The song also appears on Rob Zombie's Past, Present & Future, the greatest hits album The Best of Rob Zombie, and a remix is contained on American Made Music to Strip By. Another remix of the song, the Hot Rod Herman remix, appears in the movie The Matrix, and can be found on its soundtrack. This song also appears on the soundtrack of the Playstation 1 game "Sled Storm" and the American version of "Gran Turismo 2". It has also been in the movie The Watcher, but does not appear on that soundtrack. The song makes an appearance in Twisted Metal 4 (along with "Meet the Creeper", "Superbeast", and a few other Rob/White Zombie Hits), and so is the car itself with Rob Zombie as a playable character. The song was also featured in the Sega Dreamcast game Jet Grind Radio. Also, the instrumental "Super Monster Sex Action" can be found on specific versions of the single. The song was covered by Transient for The Electro-Industrial Tribute to Rob Zombie in 2002.

Music video

The music video features Rob Zombie riding in the Munster Koach (not the actual Dragula racing car) with various shots of the band members and different scenes from movies. It achieved heavy rotation on MTV following the huge success of the album. The video also appears in the film Idle Hands for a few seconds.



Singles - Billboard (North America)
Year Single Chart Position
1998 "Dragula" Mainstream Rock Tracks 6
1998 "Dragula" Modern Rock Tracks 27

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