Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2

is a video game based upon the popular anime series, Dragon Ball Z. Supersonic Warriors 2 is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors and was developed by Cavia and published by Atari for the Nintendo DS. It was released in 2005.


Power up 3-on-3 team battles with original moves, improved fighting systems and more than 30 characters to choose from! Assemble a team that will defeat all others, with high-powered Team Special Attacks! Explore more "what-if" scenarios in unique Story Mode for nearly endless replayability!


Supersonic Warriors 2 is a fighting game where you choose a team of three to fight against an AI enemy or another team. There are various modes to choose from: Z-battle, Story Mode, VS Battle, Maximum, Free Battle,and Practice. The game has 3 levels of dificulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard. It is also possible to change the amount of damage you inflict: normal, heavy, and extra-heavy. The Characters are ranked by D.P(Dragon Points), the more D.P a Character is worth the more powerfull he/she is.

Switching characters is as easy as tapping their icon on the touchscreen, for fast interchangeable battles. Support characters play differently to the normal roster of characters, as when they are selected they perform a special ability such as increasing your health, energy or even injuring the enemy.


Playable Characters


Most reviewers praised the game for its team based structure, new story mode scenarios, and improved graphics. Large criticisms included the touch screen barely incorporated and the game being too similar to Supersonic Warriors 1.

  • Game Vortex- 8.8
  • IGN- 7.5
  • Game Spot- 6.9

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