Dr. Enuf

Dr. Enuf is a brand of soft drink bottled by Tri-City Beverage in Johnson City, Tennessee. It is a lemon-lime flavored drink (though its taste is different from common lemon-lime sodas such as Sprite or 7-up), and is fortified with several water-soluble vitamins. Its marketing slogan is "Enuf is Enough!"

Dr. Enuf's origins date back to 1949, when a Chicago chemist named Bill Swartz was urged by coworkers to formulate a soft drink fortified with vitamins as an alternative to sugar sodas full of empty calories. He developed an "energy booster" drink containing B vitamins, caffeine and cane sugar. After placing a notice in a trade magazine seeking a bottler, he formed a partnership with Charles Gordon of Tri-Cities Beverage to produce and distribute the soda.

Early product heritage with Mountain Dew

Early in its development, Dr. Enuf was reported to have several therapeutic effects, including the easing of stomach pains, relief from hangovers and a clearing of the mind. One interesting note is that one of the early advertised uses of Dr. Enuf, curing hangovers, coincided with Tri-City Beverage's other soft drink at the time, a drink mixer called Mountain Dew. (Tri-City Beverage later sold the rights to Mountain Dew to Pepsi, but kept the Dr. Enuf brand.)

The drink is still produced to this day by Tri-Cities Beverage, but is not yet generally available outside of the Bristol-Kingsport-Johnson City region of Northeast Tennessee, plus parts of southwestern Virginia and western North Carolina. Dr. Enuf is available in original, Diet, Herbal and Diet Herbal varieties. A bottle of any of the varieties contains at least 80% of the recommended daily nutritional requirement of thiamine (Vitamin B1), niacin (Vitamin B3), potassium and iodine. The herbal varieties also contain ginseng and guarana, and are cherry flavored. For a short time in the fall of 2007 Dr Enuf bottles were clear instead of the usual green color

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