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Douglas Scott Falconer

Douglas Scott Falconer FRS FRSE (March 10, 1913, Oldmeldrum, AberdeenshireFebruary 23, 2004, Edinburgh) was a British geneticist known for his work in quantitative genetics. D.S.Falconer's book Introduction to quantitative genetics was written in 1960 and became a valuable reference for generations of scientists. Its latest edition dates back to 1996 and is coauthored by Trudy F.C. Mackay.

In 1951 D.S.Falconer was the first to provide a description of a novel mouse mutant that he called reeler for its peculiar gait. Later the research into reeler mice had lead to a discovery of reelin, a protein playing important roles in corticogenesis, neuronal migration and plasticity.

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