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Dos Pilas

Dos Pilas is a Pre-Columbian site of the Maya civilization located in what is now the department of Petén, Guatemala. It was founded as a subservient site to the great city of Tikal in 629. The king of Tikal installed his brother on the throne of the new city, in order to control the important commercial route of La Pasión river. The two were quickly allied, and Dos Pilas even used the same Emblem Glyph that Tikal did. It was a predator state from the beginning, conquering Itzan, Arroyo de Piedra and Tamarindito. Dos Pilas and a nearby city, Aguateca, were the twin capitals of a single ruling dynasty.

Dos Pilas made alliance by marriage with Tikal's worst enemy Kalakmul, becoming a vassal city. It appears that the king then began a protracted war against Tikal, eventually sacking the city.

Following a campaign of conquest, including Seibal, Dos Pilas became a major power. Ongoing conflict in the region soon destabilised the power following the defeat of their Kalakmul allies and in 760 the city was abandoned, becoming the first Classic Maya site to be abandoned, during the Maya Collapse of the terminal classic.

Known Rulers

All dates A.D.

  • Balaj Chan K'awiil ("Ruler 1") c.648-698
  • Itzamnaaj K'awiil ("Ruler 2") 698-726
  • "Ruler 3" 727-741
  • K'awiil Chan K'inich ("Ruler 4") 741-761


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