Doogh (دوغ, dooqh, also dugh Abdugh, Atlama), also called dugh, shlombay, sheneena (used by Iraqi Arabs), mastao (Used by Kurds), abdug, or tahn (the last two mostly by Armenians)—and even, unfortunately, dough—is a yogurt-based beverage popular in Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia. The word Doogh is a noun form from the Persian verb دوشیدن (Dushidan) which means "to milk" thus doogh means "what comes from milking". In Kurdish Abdugh form from "ab"-water and "dugh"-yogurt which means "yogurt juice", or more literally, "water made from yogurt". Doogh is prepared by beating unflavored yogurt until smooth, and then diluting with water to a consistency similar to whole milk. Salt (and sometimes pepper) is added, and commonly dried mint is mixed in as well. Carbonation is achieved by letting it ferment. Doogh is generally served chilled, or over ice. A variation is adding diced cucumbers to provide an extra "crunch".

Doogh could be either naturally-carbonated or not.

The popular Abadi brand of dough sells extremely well at Moby Dick, a successful small chain of kabob eateries in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.


Traditionally, doogh is left unrefrigerated for 2-3 days in order to allow the yogurt cultures to ripen and carbonate the beverage. The carbonation in commercially-produced doogh comes from carbonated water being used in the dilution of the yogurt. As a result, commercially-produced doogh generally has harsher carbonation and coarser bubbles.

Doogh's relatives

Doogh is very similar to the Turkish ayran, and similar to lassi. It is a popular yogurt-based drink. Lassi is considered a staple by many Indians and Pakistanis and holds a high status in Indian cuisine and Pakistani cuisine. Lassi is easy to make and is used in the same way as doogh (served with hearty meals). Lassi is sometimes flavoured with fruit juices and is not carbonated. The Dutch Karne Melk is related to doogh but is sweeter and is prepared differently.

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