DinoZaurs: The Series, also known as Prehistoric Warriors and in Japan, is the name of a show which is a combination of Japanese anime and computer animation.


There were five promotional CGI-only Original video animation episodes released, the first four were sold with the initial Dinozone toys in Japan. Dino Tyranno came with an episode entitled "Revive, Dinosoldier", while Gigano Dragon came with a video called "Gigano Dragon Strikes Back!!". A third featuring the Cerazaur Brothers was sold with Dinostyras. A fourth OVA was released with Nightwing. A final fifth OVA was given only to subscribers of Televi Magazine and Comic Bom Bom. The US promotional episode may only have been one of these episodes dubbed into English, meaning that the others was never released in the West, or it could have been a compilation of the initial two Japanese promotional episodes. The pilot was dubbed into English and released in the US on a VHS available as a special offer with the toys in 2000. The voices used in the pilot were different than the cast for the series, as Saban were not involved in the dubbing of the pilot.

TV Plot

It is explained in the story that it has been 65,000,000 years since the Dino Knights had last defeated the Dragozaurs. When the Dragozaurs have returned, a boy named Kaito has reawakened them. The battle between the Dino Knights and the Dragozaurs begins once again as the Dino Knights prevent the Dragozaurs from stealing Earth's life force.


There are different races in this series: Dino Knights, Dragozaurs, and Humans:

Dino Knights

When the Dragozaurs first attacked, the planet chose prehistoric animals to fight them, converting them into . Normally fossilized, a Dino Knight can assume a more metallic form when re-animated. The saying to power up the Dino Knights with the Dino Daggers is "Dino Power, Energize!".

Voiced by: Jōji Nakata (OVA), Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese TV), Kim Strauss (English)
Dino Tyranno is the leader of the Dino Knights. He wields the Silver Sword. Becomes an Ultimate Dino Knight with Dino Ramph's energy boost and wields the Mega Blade Broad Sword. His dinosaur form is a Tyrannosaurus.

Second-in-command, Dino Brachio serves as Tyranno's advisor and is the biggest, oldest and wisest of the Dino Knights. Brachio would prefer to settling the Dragozaur problem peacefully, but since they don't listen, he's more than happy to deliver a taste of his Axe of Valor. His dinosaur form is a Brachiosaurus.

Dino Stego is the "tough guy" of the Core Dino Knights. Likes nothing better than fighting the Dragozaurs, he attacks with the Stego Skeletal Revolution where his chest rotates spinning any enemy around and around. His dinosaur form is a Stegosaurus. It was revealed that he had a girlfriend named "Daisy".

Dino Saber is one of a few members of the Dino Knights whose form isn't a dinosaur. He's one of the youngest of the Dino Knights and doesn't mind having fun with the Dragozaurs as well. He wields the Saber Wailing Whip. He doesn't have a dinosaur form because he's a Smilodon/Saber-Toothed Cat.

One of a few female Dino Knights, Dino Ptera serves as aerial recon for the Dino Knights. She attacks with the Ptera Bristle Boomerang. Her creature form is a Pteranodon. Note: Pterosaurs e.g. Pteranodon are not dinoaurs but flying reptiles that lived beside them.

Dino Tricera is another one of the Core Dino Knights. He wields the Tricera Spears of Jade. Becomes an Ultimate Dino Knight with Dino Ramph's energy boost and wields the Triple-Threat Halberd. Like Stego, his favorite pastime is fighting the Dragozaurs. His dinosaur form is a Triceratops.

Very sane, competent member of the Dino Knights. Like Dino Saber, Dino Mammoth doesn't have a dinosaur form, he's a Woolly Mammoth who wields the Mammoth Tusks of Vigor. Might not be the fastest of the Dino Knights, but he's a formidable adversary nonetheless.

  • The Cerazaur Brothers: The Cerazaur Brothers are 3 Dino Knights that were found by Rick. By the command "Triblade fusion! Intregate!", they can combine to form who wields the Triple Fossil Star Sword.  
    • (6-26)

Dino Centro is a Centrosaurus and wields the Fossil Moon Sword.

  • (6-26)

Dino Toro is a Torosaurus and wields the Fossil Sun Sword.

  • (7-26)

Dino Styraco is a Styracosaurus and Centro & Toro's older brother. Styraco wields the Styraco Sword of Stealth.

  • (11-26): The Dino Weapons are Dino Knights that can become weapons outside of their dinosaur and warrior forms and attach to any Dino Knight.

Dino Pachy's dinosaur form is a Pachycephalosaurus and he can form a sword, used by Tyranno, and later Brachio.

Dino Arch's creature form is an Archelon, a prehistoric turtle and can form a shield, used by Tyranno, and later Brachio. He later falls in love with Dino Icthyo.

Dino Kenty's dinosaur form is a Kentrosaurus and can form a drill, used by Brachio, and later Stego.

  • (17-26)

Also called "Theo" and the Protector of Atlantis, Dino Icthyo is another female Dino Knight (and the last to be discovered) who moves around well in water because her creature form is an Ichthyosaurus. Note: Ichthyosaurs e.g. Ithyosaurus are not dinosaurs but marine reptiles that lived alongside them. She wields the Trident of the Tides and uses a bubble-themed attack on her enemies. Her fossil was worshiped by the Atlanteans of Atlantis.

  • (13-15, 25-26): A legendary Dino Knight, Dino Ramph is the most powerful but doesn't talk much. Also known as the Phoenix, his power is so great that at one point Diamond Ryugu harnessed his power for a weapon. It is unknown if Dino Ramph has a fighting mode in the TV series but it has been shown that he has in magazine scans His creature form is a Rhamphorhynchus.


The are an alien race that feed off of a planet's life force causing the planet to be life-less and in ruins. The Dragozaurs are:

  • Diamond Ryugu (ダイモンリューグ)

Voiced by: Tesshō Genda (OVA), Ikuya Sawaki (Japanese TV)
Leader of the Dragozaurs, only his eyes were seen in most of the series and his effeminate voice heard, usually leaving Drago Wing, Gigano Dragon and Dark Dragon to do his dirty work. When he is fully shown in battle on different occasions, he is a very large Ankylosaurus which breathes blue fire. He devours the life force of planets to become stronger. His warrior form comes out of the Ankylosaurus back. He was killed when exposed to sunlight, melting.

  • Ultimate Gigano Dragon: Combination of Gigano Dragon and Drago Wing.

Voiced by: Takeshi Watabe (OVA), Tomomichi Nishimura (Japanese TV), Bob Papenbrook (English)
Dino Tyranno's rival, he has the weirdest transformation since his form is a Chinese dragon and is a vicious fighter who could care less about Diamond Ryugu's plans and would rather focus on getting his revenge against Tyranno, leading to his death. But Gigano Dragon was resurrected by Dark Dragon with the power link up with Drago Wing. He was blown up by a laser.

Field Commander to the Dragozaur Armies, Drago Wing can drain any opponent of their life force, like a vampire can drain blood from his victim. Sneaky, underhanded, but tends to be insulted by both Gigano Dragon and Dark Dragon. Crushed along with Drago Elephas and Drago Brachio when a skeleton fell on them. His form is a prehistoric bat.

  • Drago Clones (シャドーウォリアー Shadow Warriors) (8-26): Created by Diamond Ryugu, these clones of the seven Core Dino Knights were as powerful as their Dino-counterparts.
    • (8-10)

Dark version of Dino Tyranno, and is the leader of the Drago Clones. Destroyed in one of their first fights with the Dino Knights.

  • (8-26)

Dark version of Dino Brachio. Crushed along with Drago Elephas and Drago Wing when a skeleton fell on them.

  • (8-26) Dark version of Dino Tricera. Takes command after the death of Dragon Tyran. He dies when his head is shredded in a blender.
  • (8-26): Dark version of Dino Stego. Roasted to death in the Dinoterium's airducts.
  • (8-26): Dark version of Dino Ptera. Decapitated by Saber Wailing Whip.
  • (8-26): Dark version of Dino Mammoth. Crushed along with Drago Brachio and Drago Wing when a skeleton fell on them.
  • (8-26): Dark version of Dino Saber. Tried to escape but the room he was in was blown up.
  • Dark Dragon (14-24): A Drago Wizard who once betrayed the Dragozaurs, Dark Dragon was an old enemy of the Dino Knights and he transforms into a dragon to fight. He also has the ability to manipulate and produce bats. Dark Dragon is one of the most dangerous characters, barring Diamond Ryugu himself. Destroyed by Dino Tyranno near the finale.
  • Dragozaur Army Forces
  • All Dragozaur soldiers have the form of an Allosaurus and cannot transform into their warrior forms like the others. Dark Dragon can also call forth bats from thin air to form his version of the Dragozaur Army Forces. Every one of them was destroyed along with Drago Tigra when the room they were in was blown up.


    Kaito is a teenager who seemed less interested in actual dinosaurs even when his father helped to design the Dinoterium, a place that is a tribute to dinosaurs. When he stumbles upon the Dragozaurs stealing a local life force, his cry for the sake of life reawakens the Dino Knights and since then, he has been their ally. He possesses 1 of 3 Dino Daggers that can restore a Dino Knight's strength.

    • Rena

    Rena is Kaito's friend since kindergarten. She shares Kaito's secret about the Dino Knights. She possesses the second Dino Dagger. Another fact about her is that she can't swim.

    • Rick

    Rick is a cowboy from the west who is good with a lasso and travels on a horse. He protects the 2 fossils that turn out to be 2 of the 3 Cerazaur Brothers since the death of his parents. Only his Dino Dagger can restore their strength.

    Other Humans

    • Taki

    Taki is a bully that bothers Kaito on different occasions. Despite that, he's a coward when it comes to different occasions. He tries to prove of the existence of revived dinosaurs.

    • Princess Helen: Helen is the current princess of Atlantis.

    Tour guide at the Dinotarium.

    • Dr. Abbott:
    • Professor Takuda:
    • Gomez: A greedy fossil hunter who tried to get the Dino Weapons' and Gigano Dragon's fossils.
    • Ronnie: Kaito's little brother.

    Episode list

    1. The Dino Knights Revived
    2. The Dino Daggers of Friendship
    3. Everything's Relative
    4. Save Dino Ptera
    5. The Battle of the Aurora
    6. A New Friend
    7. The Master Swordsman Triblades
    8. Battle of the Drago Clones
    9. Long Lost Love
    10. Rick's Big Adventure
    11. Their Name is Dino Weapons
    12. The Legend of Dino Ramph (1)
    13. The Legend of Dino Ramph (2)
    14. A New Shadow (1)
    15. Keep the Faith (2)
    16. The Stolen Dino Dagger
    17. Welcome Back Theo
    18. Dino Icthyo in a Pinch
    19. Baby Come Back
    20. Remember Your True Self
    21. The Ninja Castle in the Sky
    22. Supersaurus' Great Strength
    23. Gigano Strikes Back
    24. The Demonic Solar Eclipse
    25. Invasion of the Bite Lice (1)
    26. For the Earth (2)

    English Cast


    • Dinozaurs shares many similarities to Transformers, except the heroes were born on Earth. Dino Tyranno and Gigano Dragon's rivalry is somewhat similar to Optimus Prime and Megatron's rivalry. They even share some of the same voice actors.
    • Diamond Ryugu's name is translated from Japanese as "Diamond Dragon King". Many say that he resembles the Ultima and Omega weapons from Final Fantasy VIII.
    • In the Japanese toyline, Dino Sabre and Drago Tigra were named Dinosabel and Shadowsabel. In the US toyline, Dino Tyranno was named Dino T-Rex.
    • Though he was never in the Japanese toyline, Dark Dragon was part of the US toy line. Of course, he was known as Drago Draconus.
    • Japan first released the Dinozone toyline in November 1998, and was eventually brought over to the US in 1999, renamed Dinozaurs.
    • Gigano Dragon's transformation seems somewhat similar to that of Gosei Sentai Dairanger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ own Mythical Chi Beast Ryuuseioh/Red Dragon Thunderzord's own transformation from dragon to battle mode In another similarity to Super Sentai/Power Rangers, every single member of the core Dinoknights except for Stego transforms into a dinosaur or other prehistoric beast that was also featured as a Shogozyu/Dinozord in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.


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