Diesel Electric railmotor (VR)

The Diesel Electric Rail Motor (commonly referred to as a DERM was a railmotor operated by the Victorian Railways of Australia

Originally built as a Petrol Electric Rail Motor (PERM) They were the longest lived railmotor on the Victorian railways, with the first entering service in 1928 and the last being withdrawn in 1991. The first railmotor was built by the St. Louis Car Company and shipped to Australia where the Victorian Railways built a further 9 copies of it, It was powered by a 220 hp Winton petrol engine which was used until the 1950's when they were converted to twin Diesel Electric engines giving a total of 255 bhp.

By the 1970s the longest regular scheduled journey ran by a DERM was the Bendigo to Robinvale run, withdrawn on June 3, 1978. In the late 70's RM 55 and RM 61 were extensively modified with the cab being rebuilt, the engine being relocated and the engine room rebuilt with porthole windows, and new aluminium cabin windows fitted.


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