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Dibër District

The District of Dibër (Rrethi i Dibrës) (Дистрикт Дебар)is one of the thirty-six districts of Albania. It has a population of 86,000 (2004 estimate), and an area of 761 km². It is in the north-east of the country, and its capital is Peshkopi.

Dibber (Diber) is one of the most historically know city for it resistance against Turks. Today’s Diber is divided in two which half of it lays in Macedonia and the rest in Albania. This division was done as a result of former Yugoslavian proclaiming land that they never owned to the international community in London in 1913, where the biggest part of Albania was left out of its borders.

Diber has been the battlefield of Turkish and other Balkan wars for centuries. Its river Drini I ZI was colored in red blood several times which gives the name to the river Drini I ZI meaning (black river) to pay tribute to those who have fallen during the wars for centuries. Diber has a lot interesting place to visit such as the 7 lakes of lura; the Drin valley gives the most pleasant nature with several hills and fields laying on over and over each other as you move on. Diber is the place where the Kastriot town lays, where the king of Albania George Kastrioti was born and returned after the Turkish escaping to Diber. Diber is rich in culture and history; its history lies in its people, as its people have laid their souls in Diber for its freedom and loyalty.

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