Diabetic sock

A diabetic sock is a sock which is specially designed for those with diabetes. Diabetes raises the blood sugar level, which can increase the risk of foot ulcers. Diabetic socks are made to control moisture, which can reduce the risk of infection, and they are made without seams or wrinkle-prone material to reduce pressure and blistering.

Another benefit is a non-binding top. Loose tops constrict less and improve blood flow. This may help the large percentage of diabetics with neuropathy.

Choosing a diabetic sock

Any choice of diabetic sock should always be discussed with one's podiatrist to determine the proper sock for the patient's condition. The proper sock could be cotton blend with stretch tops, non-cotton with antimicrobial properties, compression type or just a plain non-binding sock to allow circulation to flow freely. If excessive edema is present there are extra wide socks available. Diabetic Socks do not have to look different from regular socks. Lately, manufacturers have come up with different styles (low-cut or mid-calf.) Diabetic Socks come in colors too, but, if one has open wounds or sores usually white socks are recommended. Lighter-colored socks may alert wearers with compromised sensation to a draining wound.

The available evidence suggests that people with diabetes who have "normal" feet should be able to wear whatever socks they find to be comfortable. Socks should fit well, without constricting cuffs, lumps, or uncomfortable seams. Therefore, fitted socks are preferable to tube socks. Patients can judge for themselves which type of fabric feels the most comfortable.


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