Debbarma is the surname or the title generally used by the Tripuri peoples of Tripura state in India. Even though Tripuri and Debbarma words are often used interchangeably to mean the Debbarma clan people, the Tripuri word correctly denotes the entire indigenous Kokborok speaking people of Tripura, Assam, Bangladesh and anywhere around the world including USA, Singapore, France, UK.


Variations of the surname is also used and is also officially recognized by the state government in Tripura. The variations used are:

  • Debbarma
  • Debbarman
  • Dev Barman
  • Dev Burman
  • Deb Barma
  • DebBurman
  • Dev Verma
  • Dev Varman


According to Census of India, 1991, Tripuri's constituted 16% of the Tripura state's population of 2.7 million, i.e., there are more than 500,000 people who use this surname at present.


The surname is used in India (Tripura state) and neighbouring districts of Bangladesh.

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