Death Before Dishonor

''This article is about the film. For the music album, see Death Before Dishonour.
For the Boston hardcore punk band, see Death Before Dishonor (band)

Death Before Dishonor is a 1987 film written by John Gatliff, directed by Terry Leonard and starring Fred Dryer.


Gunnery Sergeant Burns is in charge of the Marine Security Guard detachment at a United States embassy in the Middle East. When terrorists attack the compound, taking hostages, Burns becomes a one-man army in an attempt to rescue the hostages and kill the terrorists.

Criticism of the film

In his 2001 book Reel Bad Arabs, Jack Shaheen cites Death Before Dishonor as one of the four most anti-Arab Hollywood movies ever.


  • Fred Dryer... Gunnery Sgt. Burns
  • Joseph Gian... Sgt. Manuel Ramirez
  • Sasha Mitchell... Ruggieri
  • Peter Parros... James
  • Brian Keith... Col. Halloran
  • Paul Winfield... Ambassador
  • Joanna Pacula... Elli (Journalist)
  • Rockne Tarkington... Jihad
  • Dan Chodos... Amin
  • Mohammed Bakri... Gavril
  • Chaim Girafi... Zabib
  • Tuvia Tavi... Elias
  • Yossi Ashdot... Hamed
  • Yossi Werzansky... Attache
  • Katya Bishoff... Daughter
  • Rassan Tanus... Arab boy
  • Kasey Walker... Maude Winter

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