David Liederman

In 1979 chef David Liederman (b 1949, New York, New York) began to create cookies that became the basis for the David's Cookies line of desserts, baked goods and cookie dough. Before settling into doing baked goods David had number of jobs including practicing law and apprenticing at a Rouen restaurant. But, starting with a $30,000 investment, he opened his first David's Cookies store on Second Avenue, near 54th Street next door to Chez Louis, his first restaurant.

Liederman built David's Cookies into a $35 million-a-year food retailer within six years. It is the sale of batter and cookie dough, instead of the sales of the actual baked cookies, that built most of the profits. With 13 secret ingredients, the batter is mixed in Fairfield, NJ and the dough is sold to distributors.

In 1989 Liederman wrote Running Through Walls. This was an advice book on how to do a startup. It includes recommendations for doing a business plan, raising money and business formation.

In 1990 David co-wrote, with freelance writer Joan Schwartz Liederman, David's Delicious Weight-Loss Program (Hardcover). In the book Liederman explains a weight control plan where he lost over 100 pounds and greatly reduce his cholesterol count. The book's biggest chapter contains many imaginative recipes for all kinds of low-calorie, low-cholesterol dishes.

In the mid 1990’s Liederman opened a theme based restaurant called, Television City in Rockefeller Center. The restaurant had an early days Television motif and celebrity backing. Later in the 1990s he opened Chez Louis, a homage to Antoine Magin of L'Ami Louis in Paris, which specializes in roasted chicken.

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