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David Chow

David John Chow (born Angelo Serafini) is a fictional character in the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, portrayed by actor Vincent Irizarry from January 9 2007 to August 1 2008.

Character biography

David Chow is a savvy political operative who arrived in Genoa City seeking to avenge the murder of his former fiancée, Carmen Mesta. He quickly zeroed in on Drucilla Winters and Devon Hamilton as the chief suspects in Carmen's murder. He had a tape of an angry confrontation between Dru and his former fiancée, which he released to the press that put Dru's name at the top of the suspect list. David waged an ugly campaign to drive Dru crazy by hiring a Carmen look-a-like (her cousin, Ines) to appear around town for only Dru to see, which worked until Neil saw her as well.

Senate Campaigns

Meanwhile, Victor Newman made David a lucrative offer to work on Jack Abbott's campaign for state senator. After David released a video of Jack's opposition (and Victor's then-wife) Nikki stripping in order to make her look bad to the public, Jack and Victor fired him. Nikki saw this as an opportunity to get him to work for her, and she then had two campaign managers in the forms of David and Karen Taylor. Working with Nikki, David got to know her better and continued to support her, especially after her son Nicholas allegedly died. The pair then shared a kiss, which Victor, unfortunately, saw.

This added to Victor and Nikki’s marital problems, even after they found out that Nicholas was still alive. Victor, Victoria, and Nick later caught Nikki and David leaving the Athletic Club after it caught on fire. Later still, when Victoria was comatose, Nikki insisted that she and David end their relationship, but the pair could not keep away from each other. Nobody is quite sure if David really loves Nikki, or if he is using her to get to her money, though he has professed time and time again that he loves Nikki (both to his loan shark and to Nikki herself). He has, however, told Walter he's planning a hit and attempted to poison Nikki with a glass of sparkling cider.

Dark Past

David has had a severe gambling addiction for years. He owed money to a man named Walter Palin, a loan shark, who seems to be the only one that knows about David’s “Clark” identity. After getting into a fist-fight with Walter at a restaurant, he had to tell a shocked Nikki the truth, altering their relationship to a lethal point. Nikki eventually decided to forgive him. His debt was paid off by Nikki and he presumably wanted to win back her trust and gain notoriety as an upstanding executive at Jabot Cosmetics.

In late May 2008 Paul Williams discovered that David had been married three times prior to his union with Nikki. As part of his investigation Paul flew to Bermuda to meet with David's third ex-wife, Elizabeth "Bitsy" Hartford, who shared her suspicions about David: his previous wives—all wealthy women—had met with untimely, suspicious ends. Once back in Genoa City, Paul met with Mina King, the daughter of David's former spouse Angela Perkins. Mina, convinced that David murdered her mother, told Paul that her stepfather convinced Angela to cut her out of the will entirely, leaving David the sole beneficiary. Paul later confronted David with this information, but David denied the allegation, stating that Mina was cut from the will due to her addiction to cocaine. Eventually, David had no choice but to tell Nikki about Paul's investigation and the reasons why anyone would think he had killed his ex-wives.

David explained how he had met Terri, his first wife, in college. (NOTE: David's first wife was originally referred to as "Jeanette" by Paul, although this seems to have been retconnected.) Together, David and Terri traveled the world on humanitarian missions--going from Cambodia to Africa, andescelate until so-on. At times they also shared "dark times," where Terri was unable to get out of bed due to heavy sleeping medication. Eventually, Terri died due to an overdose of sleeping pills. Fortunately for David, he was never charged for her murder, although the accusation that he had anything to do with it has left him scarred. According to David, his second wife--Angela--was a hedonist who loved fast cars and flying. At the time of their marriage David's gambling addiction was out of control, and the couple would fight often. One night, following a heated argument, Angela stormed out and, unfortunately, wrapped her car around a telephone pole soon thereafter. David also told Nikki about Angela's daughter, Mina, and how she accused David of her mother's death while at the funeral. Next, David revealed how he met his third wife, Elizabeth, at a congressional fundraiser, and how she eventually offered him a job at Granville Global. Nikki asked what went wrong with that marriage, and David answered that she suffered from extreme paranoia--physically attacking him when he got home from work because he was "having an affair", accusing him of spying, etc. Once David and Elizabeth separated, David started his affair with Carmen. Elizabeth, like Mina, accused David of killing his ex-wives, forcing him to finally seek a divorce.

Nikki seemed to accept David's explanation, but was called away suddenly when she received a phone call about an important legal action concerning Jabot Cosmetics. Later, she accused Paul of overstepping, and demanded that he cease his investigation.

As of June 2008 David's debts were starting to build up once more, forcing him to seek a loan from Walter after losing $40,000 in a horse race. His gambling habits continued to escalate until finally he demanded a divorce from Nikki because he feared that he would gamble away her money just as he had with his ex-wives'. Soon thereafter, while on a business trip, he met with Walter in Las Vegas at a casino. While there it was revealed that David, acting on Walter's behalf, played a part in the death of Ji Min Kim. It was also revealed a few weeks later that Mina King died under suspicious circumstances. In mid-July 2008 detective Paul Williams discovered that David Chow's real name was Angelo Sarafini, and that he was a hit man for the mob.

Nikki, after having learned about another lie of David's, told him it's over, but they both agreed to announce their separation after the Charity Ball gala that was being held in Genoa City. David ordered a vial of liquid morphine and poured it in Nikki's drink, intending to kill her, but he never saw his plan develop because she was rescued by Paul and J.T. Later that night, David was killed in a car accident orchestrated by Walter Palin. David reappeared once in Nikki's dream.

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