David Brickner

David Brickner (born September 29, 1958) is a Christian who has been head of the missionary group Jews for Jesus since 1996. Brickner was born and raised in Beverly, Massachusetts. He married Patti Vasaturo in 1979, they have two children, Isaac and Ilana.



Brickner began his career was a missionary with the Chicago branch of Jews for Jesus. He has spent his entire career as a missionary.

According to Brickner, "Jesus is the Messiah of Israel.

Controversial Statements

Brickner has long been the subject of international press coverage for his controversial statements, and is the subject of monitoring by Jewish anti defamation groups. In a mid August 2008 Brickner commented on one of the most widely reported terror attacks of the year, the Jerusalem bulldozer attack in which a Palestinian terrorist used a bulldozer to crush innocent people. Brickner reportedly asserted that the deaths were “God’s punishment” for Jews having failed to convert to Christianity. In an interview with NBC, David Brickner responded to this assessment of his guest speech by saying ”That's not what I was saying,” he said. “That's not what I believe. The violence is evidence that sin has marred our human condition and because of sin and non belief, God's judgment rests on all humanity. And that's why God had to send Jesus, the Messiah to deal with the problem of the sin. And actually he became sin, and God judged him.… “I believe that violence is the natural outcome of the human condition, that sin has blinded the whole world to the truth of God in Jesus Christ.”.


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