David A. McIntee

David A. McIntee is a British writer. He has written many spin-off novels based on the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, as well as one each based on Final Destination and Space: 1999. He has also written a non-fiction book on Star Trek: Voyager and one jointly on the Aliens and Predator movie franchises. He has written several audio plays, and contributed to various magazines including Dreamwatch, SFX, Star Trek Communicator, Titan's Star Trek Magazine, Death Ray and The Official Star Wars Fact Files. He currently writes for the UK's Asian-entertainment magazine, Neo

His Space: 1999 novel, Born For Adversity, is yet to be published by Powys Media, though it was delivered in late 2007, and Powys have stated that it's due in summer 2008 - according to messages on the Online Alpha Space: 1999 Yahoo list.

McIntee made the jump to Star Trek Fiction in October 2007, with On The Spot, a story in the Star Trek: The Next Generation anthology The Sky's The Limit. This will be followed with a novella in the anthology "Seven Deadly Sins" in August 2009.

In January 2008, Blue Water Productions began publishing The Kingdom Of Hades, a comic book sequel to Ray Harryhausen's 1963 movie Jason And The Argonauts. This is a five issue series, though some early publicity erroneously quoted it as being four issues long. However, a fifth issue is listed for pre-order on comics sales websites.

Abaddon books have announced The Light Of Heaven, an entry in their Twilight Of Kerberos series, which comes out on February 4th, 2009.


Virgin New Adventures

Virgin Missing Adventures

Past Doctor Adventures

Eighth Doctor Adventures

Big Finish audio plays

Other audio

  • The Quality Of Mercy (BBV, 2003)

Star Trek

  • The Sky's The Limit story: On The Spot. (Pocket Books, 2007)
  • Seven Deadly Sins story: Reservoir Ferengi. (Pocket Books, 2009)

Final Destination

  • Destination Zero (2005)

Space: 1999

  • Born For Adversity (not yet published)

Other Novels


  • Delta Quadrant: The Unofficial Guide to Voyager (Virgin Books, 2000)
  • Beautiful Monsters: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the Alien and Predator Films (Telos, 272 pages, 2005, ISBN 1-903889-94-4)


  • Ray Harryhausen Presents: Jason And The Argonauts - The Kingdom Of Hades 5-issue miniseries


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