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Dave Follows born Stafford (1941 – 17 October 2003) was a British cartoonist. Follows' cartoons appear in newspapers, comics, and magazines all over the world, the Creature Feature is one of Dave’s biggest successes.

Creature Feature - famous animal cartoon strip, appeared weekly in the Sunday Times supplement, ‘Funday Times’ for over 15 years 1990 to 2006. The Creature Feature was also syndicated in over 30 newspapers throughout the world including: Hull Daily Mail, Burton Daily Mail, Northampton Chronicle and Echo, Lincolnshire Echo, The Star in Johannesburg, Bromley Leader, Darlington Northern Echo, Bradford Telegraph and Argus, Express and Star Wolverhampton, York Evening Press, Shields Gazette, Derby Evening Telegraph, Bury Free Press, Kettering Evening Telegraph, Plymouth Western Morning News, Leicester Mercury, Sussex Express, Tunbridge Wells Courier, Edinburgh Evening News, Gloucester Citizen, Norwich Eastern Evening News and the Eastern Daily Press, Swindon Evening Advertiser, Newcastle Journal, Bournemouth Evening Echo, Swansea Evening Post, Khaleej Times (UAE), Belfast Irish News, Oxford Mail, Scarborough Mercury and Germany.

Follows supplied cartoon strips for over twenty local newspapers, including the North Staffordshire The Sentinel (Britain) where the iconic May un Mar Lady strip appeared daily for over 20 years ‘May un Mar Lady’ First published - July 8, 1985 to October 3, 2003 - Re-printed – full (7,000 strips) daily as of April 19, 2004. Dave supplied cartoon strips for over twenty local newspapers, including the North Staffordshire Evening Sentinel where the iconic May un Mar Lady strip appeared daily for over 18 years and is currently enjoying a full re-run, republished in the Sentinel entitled ‘May Un Mar Lady Revisited’. Many of Follows' cartoons are currently being syndicated in newspapers and magazines throughout the world today.

Follows produced thousands upon thousands of original art works with what seemed effortless skill: early cartoons were produced using pen and ink; later he embraced technology and drew his work directly on the computer. Almost all of Follows' 30-year output, from originals to scrapbook press cuttings, still exists today, and its popularity remains as strong as ever. Dave was a respected member of The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain

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Dave created the character animations for Hungry Hamsters a new animated comedy series to be released on TV, computer, and mobile early 2008, following Dave’s death Nicholas Sercombe HH producer developed the characters with CGI and artist at KM animation the CGI animation programmes will feature a star-studded principal cast including voices from Brian Blessed, Harry Hill, Jack Davenport, and rock legend Alice Cooper.

Other work includes

  • Early Nationals – Including the Daily Mirror, The Sun and national magazines.
  • Early Locals –Dave’s first published cartoon was 1971 ‘Stafford Advertiser’
  • '''Buster Comics - Wonder Wellies’’’ - First published - Buster (comic) - 17 September 1983 to August 1985 Artist - Dave Follows - Writer - Roy Davis
  • Other – Many miscellaneous strips, singles, cards, calendars and advertising.

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