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Dave Angel, Eco-Warrior

Dave Angel, Eco-Warrior was one of the many characters brought to life by comedian Simon Day as part of the long-running comedy sketch show The Fast Show, shown on BBC TV in the UK between 1994 and 2000.

Dave Angel, Eco-Warrior first appeared in the third series, and featured in The Last Fast Show Ever. He is said to be based on cockney wide-boy celebrity Mike Reid best known as EastEnders character Frank Butcher, due to his supposed love for the environment.

Dave Angel's sketches are based around adverts featuring Dave and his bolshy wife Shirley, and deals with topics such as naturism, a gypsy civilisation about to be turned into a road bypass, cleaning oil-ridden rocks amongst others.

Dave's theme tune is Moonlight Shadow, a popular song written by Mike Oldfield. Dave's wife Shirley is a representation of the shallowness of these celebrities' chance to get their 'mugs' on the television for a supposed reason where they pretend they care about what they are doing, and then Shirley will go and do something to spoil Dave's pleas, showing the bare hypocrisy of it all.

Since 2004 Simon Day has performed as a recurring character in television adverts for Powergen in role with definite similarities to Dave Angel.

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