Dan Houser

Dan Houser is a British video game producer who is currently vice president (along with his brother Sam) of creativity for Rockstar Games. As well as producing various video games, Dan has also written for all but one of the Grand Theft Auto III-era games, along with other Rockstar-produced video games.

Whilst growing up, Dan and his brother Sam dreamed of rock-stardom. Hoping to become rock stars (hence the name Rockstar Games), the two went to St. Paul's School in London, where they met Terry Donovan (who later co-founded Rockstar Games with them). Looking for their break, they joined BMG Music in London, and in 1993 joined BMG Music's interactive division. Houser later joined BMG Interactive, which in 1998 was purchased by Take-Two Interactive. Dan Houser has since been credited as a producer for five Grand Theft Auto games, and has also worked as a writer and voice artist for games in the series.

Despite their cult-hero status as creators of Grand Theft Auto, and one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, Dan and his brother Sam have shied away from the celebrity spotlight, instead focusing on the Rockstar Games brand, rather than giving any one person the credit for the games' success.

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