Dammit (song)

"Dammit" is the first single by Blink-182 from their second album Dude Ranch. It was the song which gave them their first mainstream success, peaking at #11 on the Billboard Modern Rock Track Chart. It was sung by Mark Hoppus in the studio recording, but Tom Delonge would usually sing the chorus in live performances.

An alternative version of the song can be found on the Can't Hardly Wait soundtrack, Hit Machine 20 and the Greatest Hits album, which features a drumroll right after the opening notes along with louder instrumentals.

Track listing


  1. "Dammit (Radio Edit)"
  2. "Dammit"
  3. "Zulu"


  1. "Josie" (Music video)
  2. "Dammit" (Music video)

Music video

The music video (directed by Darren Doane and Ken Daurio) shows the band members going to see a movie, where the co-singer, Mark Hoppus, sees his ex-girlfriend with another guy. Mark, devastated, throws his popcorn into the air and Tom and Scott stand around acting like nothing happened. When the band enters the theater, Mark's ex-girlfriend sits in front of him, so Mark tries to talk to her. She shoos Mark and so he starts doing annoying things to distract them from the movie. This includes, putting his feet up on their seats, getting up and spilling popcorn on them, and falling in between them trying to get candy from Tom. He then tries to put his arm around his ex-girlfriend, and the other guy chases Mark out of the theater and they start to have a cartoon like fight, while Tom and Scott just stand in the background drinking their soda. The video ends with Hoppus and the boyfriend fighting and the girlfriend walking away with a theater employee, played by Rick DeVoe (Blink-182's manager).

Live versions

  • During some live versions Tom DeLonge was known to yell "Take your pants off" at the very beginning.
  • During concerts from 1997 to early 1999, the band was known for creatively poking fun at audience members who attended their shows only because of the mainstream success of this song. A typical introduction to shows in 1998:

This one goes out to all our fans, to all the punk rock kids who've been into our band. Do you only know us from this one song? Here's news for you: we've been around for almost 6 years long and it hurts...

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