This article is about the video connector. For the item used in Digimon Adventure 02, see Digivice.

A D-Terminal or D-tanshi (D端子) is a type of analog video connector found on Japanese consumer electronics, typically HDTV, DVD, Blu-ray, D-VHS and HD DVD devices. It was developed by the EIAJ (Electronic Industry Association of Japan) in its standard, RC-5237, for use in digital satellite broadcast tuners. In appearance it is a small flat trapezic connector, the same connector as the AAUI connector used by Apple Computer for some time to connect to ethernet.

D1~D5 types

A D-Terminal connector carries a component video signal (Y Pr Pb). A device with a D5 connector can understand and display the following video signals:

  • D1 480i (525i): 720×480 Interlace
  • D2 480p (525p): 720×480 Progressive
  • D3 1080i (1125i): 1920×1080 Interlace
  • D4 720p (750p): 1280×720 Progressive
  • D5 1080p (1125p): 1920×1080 Progressive

A device with a D-Terminal connecter supports that level and lower D-Terminal signal. For example, a D4 connector can be used with a D4, D3, D2, or D1 signal, but not with a D5 signal. It is possible to use a simple breakout cable to connect a D-Terminal connector to a standard 3 RCA jack or BNC component connection.

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