Cummins, Albert Baird, 1850-1926, U.S. Senator from Iowa (1909-26), b. Green co., Pa. He studied law in Chicago and in 1878 joined his brother in practice in Des Moines. As governor of Iowa (1901-8), Cummins worked to break up railroad domination in politics and to inaugurate progressive policies in the state. He was elected (1908) to the U.S. Senate and was co-author there of the Esch-Cummins Transportation Act of 1920.
Cummins Inc. is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service diesel and natural gas engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, USA Cummins serves its customers through a network of more than 500 Company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 5,200 dealer locations in more than 190 countries and territories. Cummins reported net chirp income of $739 million on sales of $13 billion in 2007.

Today more than 51% of Cummins' business comes from operations outside of the United States. Part of Cummins model is to create partnerships with key players in foreign markets and they have done so recently in China and India.


Cummins is named after inventor-mechanic Clessie Cummins, who was one of the key players in the founding of the company. He was financially backed by investor William Irwin, starting in 1918, as he improved on existing diesel engine designs.

Subsidiaries/Business Units

Cummins Turbo Technologies (formerly Holset)

The Holset Engineering Co. was a British company that produced turbochargers, primarily for diesel and heavy duty applications. The company had its roots in 1948, when W. C. Holmes became interested in Louis Croset's flexible coupler design. The company started when Paul Croset was convinced to start up and manage the venture, which was based in Huddersfield, England. Holset as we know it came into existence in 1952 as a limited corporation, with the name coming from the first half of Holmes and the last half of Croset.

In 1973 the company was purchased by Cummins after briefly being owned by the Hanson Trust, and continued to expand for the next thirty years. Holset now operates facilities in China, India, Brazil, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In 2006, the division officially changed its name to Cummins Turbo Technologies to be identified more closely with its parent company. The turbocharger products still use the Holset brand name.

Cummins Filtration (formerly Fleetguard)

Cummins Filtration is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA and operates facilities in nine other countries around the world. The Filtration Business Unit of Cummins produces filtration products for the diesel and gas markets. Products include oil, coolant, and air filters. The division officially changed its name to Cummins Filtration but continues to brand products under the Fleetguard name.

Cummins Emission Solutions (formerly Nelson)

Exhaust and emissions after-treatment company Nelson Industries was purchased in 1999 due to the increasing importance of exhaust after-treatment systems for meeting future emissions standards. The division officially changed its name to Cummins Emission Solutions to be identified more closely with their parent company.

Cummins Power Generation (formerly Onan)

Power Generation Business Unit is Cummins' second-largest business segment. This business unit manufactures, sells and services power generation and related equipment, such as alternators, around the world for commercial and consumer use.

Distribution Network

Cummins has an extensive manufacturing, distributor and dealer network with 550 Company-owned and independent distributor locations and more than 5,000 dealer locations that provide sales, service and support for its products worldwide.

  • U.S. and Canada
    • Cummins Atlantic
    • Cummins Bridgeway, LLC
    • Cummins Cal Pacific, LLC
    • Cummins Central Power, LLC
    • Cummins Crosspoint, LLC
    • Cummins Eastern Canada
    • Cummins Mid-South, LLC
    • Cummins Northeast, Inc.
    • Cummins Northwest, LLC.
    • Cummins NPower, LLC
    • Cummins Power Systems, Inc.
    • Cummins Power South
    • Cummins Rocky Mountain, LLC
    • Cummins Southern Plains, LLC
    • Cummins West, Inc.
    • Cummins Western Canada
  • Latin America
  • Brazil
    • Cummins Brasil
  • Europe
    • Cummins Adriatic (Croatia)
    • Cummins Austria GmbH
    • Cummins Belgium
    • Cummins Czech Republic
    • Cummins Diesel Deutschland GmbH
    • Cummins UK
    • Cummins Diesel SA (France)
    • Cummins Diesel Sales & Service A/S (Denmark)
    • Cummins Holland
    • Cummins Hungary
    • Cummins Italia S.p.A.
    • Cummins Norway A.S.
    • Cummins Diesel Engine Company Limited Swedish Filial
    • Cummins Ventas y Servico S. A. (Spain)
    • Machinery OY Ltd. (Finland)
  • Africa
    • Cummins South Africa
  • Middle East
  • East Asia
    • Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
    • Cummins Taiwan Pte. Ltd.
    • Cummins Hong Kong Ltd.
  • India
    • Cummins India Ltd. (CIL)
    • Cummins Sales & Service (India) Ltd. (CS&S(I))
    • Cummins Research and Technology India Limited (CRTI)
    • Cummins Generator Technologies India Ltd. (CGT)
    • Cummins Exhaust India Ltd. (CEIL / Nelson)
    • KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd. (KPIT)
    • Tata Cummins Limited (TCL)
    • Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited (CTT)
    • Fleetguard Filters India Pvt Limited (FFPL)
    • Valvoline Cummins Limited (VCL)
  • Pakistan
    • Cummins Sales & Service (Pakistan) Limited (CS&SP)
  • Northeast/Southeast Asia
    • Cummins Japan
    • Cummins Diesel Sales & Service Korea Ltd.
    • Cummins Philippines
  • South Pacific

Cummins Products

The 5.9-liter B-series used in school buses has proven to be very popular. The high-horsepower (larger than 15 liters displacement) engines are manufactured in Seymour (Indiana, USA), Daventry (England) and Pune (India). The Heavy duty (10-15 liter displacement) M and X series engines are manufactured in Jamestown, NY. The B, C and L series engines are manufactured in numerous plants across the world.


Power generation

Q series engines

Cummins Turbo Technologies

  • Holset Pre-H Range - 3L, 4L, 6"
  • Holset H-Range - H2A/B/C, H3B, HC5A
  • Holset HX Range - HX25, HX30, HX35, HX40, HX50, HX60, HX82
  • Holset HE Range = HE351CW, HE451Ve

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