Craggaunowen - The Living Past is an archaeological open air museum in County Clare Ireland, started by John Hunt. The park, comprising of a picturesque lake and idyllic woodland, is host to several examples of early historic dwelling places such as a Crannóg (A man made island dwelling place that came into being in the Early Iron Age with some showing usage through to 17th Century. Their main usage being around the 6th Century) and Ring Fort (Similar period coverage to Crannóg) and examples of replica Fulachta Fia (Bronze Age cooking and industrial site), Dolmen (Neolithic portal tomb) and Standing Stone (Ogham Stone). The site is also home to 'The Brendan', a reconstruction of a leather hulled boat, sailed by Saint Brendan, that is reputed to have made the journey from Ireland to Newfoundland in Canada in the Mid 6th Century AD.

It is located 10 km east of Quin, County Clare, adjacent to Craggaunowen Castle, a typical example of a 16th Century fortified towerhouse.

The name Craggaunowen derives from its Irish name Creagán Eoghain (Owen's little rocky hill).

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Loch Tay in Scotland also possesses a reconstruction of a crannóg.

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