Count of Wisborg

The title Count of Wisborg (greve af Wisborg) is borne by the male-line descendants of four princes of Sweden who married morganatically without the consent of the King of Sweden and thereby lost the right of succession to the throne of Sweden for themselves, their children and their descendants. The four former princes of Sweden each lost their Swedish titles and assumed the surname of Bernadotte. In each case the former prince of Sweden was given the title Count of Wisborg by the reigning Grand Duke or Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

The four former princes of Sweden given the title Count of Wisborg are:

The agnatic (male-line) descendants of each of these four former princes of Sweden are entitled to the title Count of Wisborg. In practice, their surname is often included in the title, Count Bernadotte of Wisborg. The most well-known of them is Folke Bernadotte, a son of Oscar Bernadotte, the first Count of Wisborg.

A fifth prince of Sweden, Carl (1911-2003), married morganatically and lost his Swedish titles in 1937. He was given the title Prince Bernadotte by his brother-in-law King Leopold III of Belgium. His male-line descendants bear the title Count Bernadotte.

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