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Coopers Brewery is an Australian beer company, publicly owned but not listed with a stock exchange. Its shares are primarily owned by the extended Cooper family, and the company's constitution makes it difficult to sell shares outside the family. The brewery was established by Thomas Cooper in 1862 at his home in Norwood then in 1881 relocated to larger, commercial facilities at Leabrook in Adelaide, South Australia, and in 2001 moved to Regency Park. Coopers is known to make a variety of high quality beers, most famous of which is its Sparkling Ale. It is also well established as a producer of home brew supplies and as such is one of the worlds largest producers of home brew ingredients.

Cooper's beers are widely available on tap in South Australia, and in some bars in the rest of Australia as specialty beers. It is widely available bottled around Australia and occasionally at specialist importers in other countries.

Coopers' bottled beers are characterised by their secondary fermentation technique - some yeast remains in the bottle after bottling - thus the bottled beer contains some sediment. There are two schools of thought with regards to the sediment - some drinkers like to mix the sediment throughout the beer by tipping or rolling the beer before drinking, while others prefer to decant the beer into a glass leaving (most of) the sediment at the base of the bottle.

In late 2005, Lion Nathan made an unsolicited takeover bid for Coopers, which was strongly opposed by Coopers' management, and ultimately rejected at an Extraordinary General Meeting when 93.4% of the shareholders voted in favour of permanently removing the 3rd tier purchasing rights of Lion Nathan, effectively preventing any current or future takeover bid.



Coopers Beers
Beer ABV Available Label Colour Details
Tap Bottle Can
Sparkling Ale 5.8% Y Y Red An English style golden ale. It has a distinctive cloudy appearance due to the sediment being left in the bottle. The Sparkling Ale has a slightly different flavour and higher alcoholic content than the Pale Ale.
Pale Ale 4.5% Y Y Green A pale ale.
Best Extra Stout 6.3% Y Y Yellow A stout.
Dark Ale 4.5% Y Y Brown
Mild Ale 3.5% Y Y Orange A Midstrength Ale, Coopers entry into the lager dominated mid-strength market
Premium Lager 5.0% Y Y Green
Heritage Premium Ale 5.2% Y Silver
Premium Light 2.9% Y Y Y Blue
Extra Strong Vintage Ale 7.5% Y Cream
Special Old Stout 6.8% Y Tan
Birell 0.5% Y Y White A non-alcoholic lager style beer.
Dr. Tim's Traditional Ale 4.5% Y Green A pale ale naturally conditioned in an Aluminium Can

These beers were made at one point in time, but have since been dropped from production due to poor sales or the release of replacement products

  • Coopers Regency Draught
  • Coopers Regency Light
  • Coopers DB
  • Thomas Coopers Finest Export Ale
  • Coopers Clear Ale
  • Coopers Black Crow
  • Coopers Adelaide Bitter

The company also produces a range of malt extracts and concentrate for homebrewers.


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