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''This article is about the Hong Kong pop group. For the U.S. pop group, see The Cookies.
Cookies was a music group in Hong Kong created and managed by Paco Wong under giant record label EMI Hong Kong. The group was formed with nine members in 2002 and was considered a emulation of the Japanese group Morning Musume, but later reduced to four (most often referred by the media as Mini Cookies). Their albums continued to be released under the Cookies name. In late 2004, the members decided to explore solo careers.

Stephy Tang has appeared in various movies and has begun a solo career; Kary Ng is the vocalist for pop-rock band Ping Pung and has also released solo recordings; Miki Yeung and Theresa Fu have both begun careers as actresses, Miki appeared in Dragon Reloaded in 2005.



Mini Cookies


Cantonese Album(EP)

  1. Happy Birthday (2002)
  2. Merry Christmas (2002)
  3. All The Best (2003) - first album as Mini-Cookies
  4. 4play (2004)
  5. 4 In Love (2004)

Karaoke Album

  1. Holidays(2002)
  2. Channel Cookies (2003)

Mini Concert Album

  • 903 California Red: Eleven Fires Concert (2004)


Television Show Collections

  • 戀愛自由式 (Starring: Stephy Tang, Theresa Fu)
  • 當四葉草碰上劍尖時(客串)
  • 美麗在望(客串)

Web Drama

  • Blue Can ( 藍罐最痛
  • 4 Cookies Mystery ( 四曲奇談
  • 100% Feel - Winter's Love ( 百份百感覺-冬日之戀



  • Best New Group -- Silver Prize (997 Metro Show)新城勁爆新登場組合 銀獎
  • Best New Group -- Bronze Prize (Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presntation) 叱吒樂壇新力軍組合 銅獎
  • IFPI Best Salers (New Group Singers) IFPI全年最高銷量新組合
  • 勁歌金曲第三季季選新星試打三屆台主 (Cookies - 心急人上)
  • The Most Favourite New Group -- Bronze Prize (TVB JSG Awards Presentation) 十大勁歌金曲 最受歡迎新組合 銅獎
  • Best New Group -- Silver Prize (RTHK Prize Presntation)十大中文金曲 最有前途新人組合 銀獎 (Cookies)


  • Silver Prize (TVB Kids Songs Fair) 兒歌金曲開心嘉年華 銅獎 (Cookies - Forever Friends)
  • The Most Favourite Female Singers (TVB JSG 3rd Seasonal Awards Presentation) 勁歌金曲第三季季選 手機網絡人氣女歌手
  • Group Singer Prize (997 Metro Show) 新城勁爆人氣組合
  • Best MV Prize (Roadshow MV Awards) Roadshow MV直選2003 (Cookies - 一擊即中)
  • The Most Favouite Advertisement Song -- Silver Prize (TVB JSG Awards Presentation)十大勁歌金曲 最受歡迎廣告歌曲大獎 銀獎 (Cookies - 貪你可愛)

Photo Albums

2002 Delicious Cookies

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